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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

UFO Miscellany

While scouring some 1976 UFO magazines, pictured here, I found a few items of interest (to me and, I hope to you).

First: In the December 1976 issue of UFO Report Kevin Randle wrote a piece “Where are the UFO Movies????” [Page 24 ff.] wherein he notes the Newhouse (Utah) film of 1952, the Mariana (Great Falls, Montana) clip of 1950, and a 1952 film taken in 1952 (Miami) by a Marine, plus a 1950 short clip taken by Al Hixenbaugh in 1950.

He also reported on NASA films, a California movie, taken by a film crew in 1967, and the Condon Committee’s examination of these and other film clips.

What intrigued me, besides the information about the film clips (most known by you) except for the Hixenbaugh perhaps, was the request (on Page 54) for other UFO films to be sent to UFO Report for examination by Mr. Randle.

Did Kevin receive other films? What happened to them? Does he have a book or blog page dealing with what he received and found?

(Maybe he’ll forget Roswell for a while and give us his expertise on UFO films, which are harder to fake than stills, especially nowadays.)
Second: In Argosy UFO, “A Case for New UFO Sightings” for September 1976 [Page 41 ff.] I found an article by Glenn McWane with David Graham interviewing Brad Steiger, which was insightful.

But what stirred me was Mr. Steiger’s view (acknowledging John Keel) about UFOs [from Page 42]:

“ … there are no spacecrafts, no flying-saucer occupants, there are only these globs of pure intelligence that permit each percipient to view them in a manner that would be most acceptable to him.” [Italics his]

“ … I have become convinced that between the UFOs and mankind is a kind of symbiotic relationship which operates at some level of awareness. I think they need us as much as we need them.”

(This is akin to Jose Caravaca’s hypothesis of “an external agent” that controls what a UFO witness experiences.)

Then in True Flying Saucers & UFOs Quarterly. Spring 1976 was an article by Hayden Hewes, The Oklahoma Humanoid [Page 12 ff.].
The story had an account, one of several, of a sighting by William “Eddie” Laxson (no date given, but in the late 1960s it seems) where Mr. Laxson saw the craft pictured here (from a drawing by Hal Crawford in the magazine):
 Mr. Laxson, who worked at Sheppard Air Force Base near Wichita Falls, Texas in the electric power production section.

The sighting took place along Oklahoma’s U.S. Highway 70 where Laxson “came up on a huge, ‘perch-shaped’ object blocking his path across the highway at a 45-degree angle … some 60 yards from the craft Laxson could clearly see a ‘human’ under the object.”

Deciding to get his camera, but by the time he did so, “the craft had lifted off and was about 50 feet in the air … it flew off over the flat land in a southwest direction.”

“The human appeared to be about 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds [with] a fair complexion and was wearing a mechanics cap with the bill turned up, I got the idea he had three stripes arching over his shoulder, something like a mater sergeant. I got the impression that he was between 30-35 years old due ti his stoop shoulders … the craft was lit up inside and had a ‘plastic bubble’ in front … about three feet in diameter, and you could see through it.”

“ … “Laxson recalled … markings on the side[:] the letter ‘T’ over the letter ‘L.” The numbers 5768 or 4168, were below the letters.” [Page 13]

Laxson was interviewed by members of Sheppard and was (allegedly) interviewed by “professors” from 30 universities, Houston, Austin, Arizona, Illinois, and Northwestern, as a few,”

This account has been delineated by Señor Caravaca and can be found at his Spanish blog or Facebook page.