UFO Conjecture(s)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Drowning Ufologists

It’s inescapable, UFOs have become a true fringe topic, an outer fringe topic.

And those who’ve invested in the topic are striving to keep their (now) bête noire from disappearing altogether, even for UFO enthusiasts.

(The public has, pretty much, disavowed any interest in UFOs, seeking enthusiasms, instead, from celebrity and political figures.)

A friend of our, Bryan Sentes, tells me that UFOs and poetry come and go in waves. He’s right, of course.

Poetry has been making a comeback among the literati, for what reasons I’m not sure.

But UFOs’ last wave, among UFO buffs, came and went quickly with the farcical May 5th 2015 Roswell slides imbroglio.

Yet, desperate ufologists, like our friend Kevin Randle, and his quirky minions (blog followers), are clinging to that fiasco as a kind of ufological life preserver.

The problem is that no intelligent or sane person would cling to such a shoddy piece of the UFO mystique.

Thus, even the die-hards have got to see the handwriting on the wall: UFOs and especially the so-called Roswell incident, are deader than door-nails.

A recent commenter at Mr. Randle’s blog used the ridiculous term, skeptibunker, an epithet coined by the irrational crowd at the one-time, but now-dead UFO Updates.

It’s things like that which have further soiled UFO commentary, already a batch of irrational and psychopathic drivel.

While UFO oldies (geezers) are dropping like flies (dying off) – with many more to come before the end of 2015, all that is left are the UFO newbies and mid-scum buffs.

This doesn’t bode well for the phenomenon. It’s a death knell, as I keep trying to convince the rational among you.

UFOs are so remote from the public/media consciousness that the phenomenon can’t be driven to topicality, no matter how hard some try to make it so.

Those of us who see a remnant of purposeful study in the classic cases and sightings have got to go underground and pursue those case/sightings archaeologically and privately, hoping not to get caught in the swill and riptide of those who are fervently hanging on to Roswell as the savior of ufology….sorry Mr. Randle et al.