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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The betrayal(s) of the gods: the UFO connection

That God, or The Almighty Intelligence, if it exists, has betrayed mankind, in whole, and humans individually, is obvious, despite the disregard by religious ignoramuses.

God (which I’ll use as the epithet for convenience) is the fount of Evil, as Aristotle outlined in his “Captain of the ship” analogy, which even Thomas Aquinas couldn’t debunk.

Question 49, Article 2 ff. in Summa Theologica:

Object 3. Further, as is said by the Philosopher [Aristotle], the cause of both the safety and danger of he ship is the same. But God is the cause of the safety of all things. Therefore  He is the cause of all perdition and of all evil.

Aquinas answers … “But the evil which consists in the corruption of some things is reduced to God as the cause.”

The defense of God then follows a convoluted discourse that doesn’t let God off the hook, regardless of Aquinas’ brilliance, with support from Augustine.

Carl Jung’s God didn’t consist of a Trinity but, as defined by Jung’s predilection for Gnostic belief, God is a Quaternity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Satan (or Evil).

For definitive explanations about the concept of Satan, see The Origin of Satan by Elaine Pagels [Vintage Books/Random House, Inc. NY, 1995] and The Devil: Perceptions of Evil from Antiquity to Primitive Christianity by Jeffrey Burton Russell [Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London, 1977] plus Giving the Devil His Due [Newsweek, August 30, 1982].

The Gnostic view of Satan (or Evil) can be found in many Gnostic texts from the Nag Hammadi texts found in 1945, Egypt.

The early Church euphemized the concept of Evil delineated by the Gnostics by separating out, or anthropomorphizing, God’s evil nature and calling it Satan.

(Ufologists and paranormalists do the same thing by attributing the Evil nature of God to a separate being: The Trickster.)

What is disturbing, for me (and others of a theological bent) is how blatant God’s indifference or actual acts of Evil reported in The Hebrew Bible and Old Testament are.

But a survey of history, aside from religious texts, recounts a massive amount of Evil deeds abided by God: the death and servitude of the Jews (the Hebrew peoples, God’s so-called “chosen people”), the martyrdom of early Christians, and the man-incurred deaths of Saints: Jeanne d’Arc, Anthony plus the most horrendous act of deliberate indifference by God: The Holocaust.

God has betrayed His people time and again, and no amount of academic/theological rumination can eliminate the obvious: God has betrayed everyone, even Himself, in the form of Jesus/Christ as clarified by Jung is his Answer to Job.

But now to UFOs and what witnesses of that phenomenon have experienced…

UFO writers, Steiger and Vallee among them, have often, without the insipid Trickster label, allowed that maybe there is an Intelligence that has engaged in hoodwinking witnesses with ploys of bizarre kinds, like giving pancakes to an observer (The
Joe Simonton /Eagle River Case of April 1961) or offering guidance about the origin (homebase) of UFOs/flying saucers (the alleged Star Map of Betty Hill) or the Contactee sites from which flying saucers derive (Swedenborg/Saturn, William Magoon/Mars, Dana Howard/Venus, Frank Stranges/Venus, and so on).

Of course, the Contactees, as Nick Redfern covered in his book by that title, were fraudulent, as Vallee insists, but that was also the conclusion about Joan of Arc by the Church.

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has provided a panoply of odd UFO encounters he says were instigated by an “external agent” – the idea similar to what the early Bible writers ascribed to God.

UFOs, all by themselves, without the patina of a God or obtuse aliens can be seen as a betrayal by the phenomenon unto itself; that is, the mystery remains clouded by erratic or queer behavior, as if directed by a force or forces out to fool human witnesses.

But to what end?

That’s what theologians have been dealing with when it comes to the supposed deity and sci-fi writers cope with when they incur a super intelligence.

The betrayal(s) by the gods, imagined or otherwise, are legion. And UFOs fall into that category by the sheer aspect of their evanescence and ongoing enigma.

We are being fooled, not by that hokum concoction, The Trickster, but by God, Himself, or the Supreme Intelligence, if there is one, that created the Universe.

But why?