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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Extraterrestrial Robot Invasions?

You know my view about alien UFO intrusions: the Earth is so remote and insignificant in context of our galaxy and the Universe even more so that no extraterrestrial culture or society would bypass all the wonders in the Universe or our galaxy to make a wayside adventure to this lonely speck in the all.

However, for the sake of argument, let me offer that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization with unlimited resources and curiosity might send forth a slew of robotic entities (in UFOs) to explore all worlds that evince a spate of existence (life) and/or intelligence.

If that were the case, this might explain some odd UFO events (if we exclude some prosaic or conjectured explanations), such as:

The experience of Ezekiel in The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) whose vehicle, as described by the prophet, is more like a mechanical device than a metaphorical attempt at symbolism to make a religious point.
The 1951 Fred Reagan “abduction” where he was drawn 9from within his aircraft) into a UFO that contained small, glistening beings that looked like stalks of “metallic asparagus.”
The 1954 Quaroble Nord, France where Marias Dewilde saw 2 four feet tall “beings” lookingv as if they had on diving suits.
The 1957 Old Saybrook, Connecticut sighting by Mary Starr who spotted 2 figures (about 4 feet tall) with raised, right arms (no hands), squarish red-orange heads with a red-bulb in the center (which she thought might be helmets).
The 1965 Jerry Townsend sighting of three beer-can-like robots that exited from a rocket-shaped object.
The 1977 Lee Parrish observation (from a hypnotic regression session) of a “three  machine-like beings (one 20 feet tall and the others about 6 feet tall),  tombstone-shaped, (one white, the others black) that were featureless and eventually merging like those Russian nesting dolls.
The 1977 La Rubia event
 The 1979 Robert Taylor encounter, seen, sensibly, as an epileptic seizure, but could have been a robotic probe.
The 1989  Voronezh episode seen by several children and a police officer, with a description of a "three-eyed alien" and a robot exiting the craft.
N.B. Some illustrations and content used come from Apro, bogleech.com, ufocasebook, ufoevidence, deviantart.com, and the Patrick Huyghe/Harry Trumbore book The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials [Avon paperback NY, 1996]