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Friday, October 09, 2015

Ufology creates mass hysteria as UFOs diminish as a viable social topic

Now that Kevin Randle has joined the ranks of those of us who’ve declaimed that UFOs and ufology are dying or dead, the UFO die-hard buffs have increased their obdurate counter promotions.

That is, the dedicated UFO aficionados (believers as some call them) and their skeptical brethren are hawking delirious counter arguments that UFOs and ufology are alive and well and the antithetical remnant, by still arguing with them, are trying mightily to keep the UFO topic on the front burner of their isolated and unimportant milieux.

One sees many attempts to enliven ufology and UFOs by the National Enquirer-like accounts infusing UFO blogs and web-sites.

But the interest in UFOs has decreased to the point of morbidity, even among those who have long stuck with the topic because of their nostalgic longing for their once-enlivened interest in the phenomenon.

After all, one can’t flippantly throw away something one has put so much time and energy into, can one?

The nail was put into the UFO coffin, May 5th 2015, as Mr. Randle notes, and his blog title, The Decline and Fall of Ufology [10/7/15], pounded that nail down tight.

Those of us foolish enough to keep at the topic should see a psychiatrist as our ongoing obsession is pathological, in the extreme.