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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The MIB Psychoses

Nick Redfern’s new MIB book [Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures] is replete with MIB tales from a host of people, famous, infamous, and common, as I’ve noted in my consideration of Nick’s book here earlier.

Nick presents the MIB tales without taking any side about them, leaving open the idea that they may be psychic in nature.

I take the psychic view one step further, while allowing that some persons have actually been approached by men, dressed in black, warning or threatening them with reprisals if they go public with what they’ve seen: UFOs usually.

My view is that some (not all) MIB witnesses, such as ‘Dean Francis” who contributes Chapter 20 in Nick’s book, have had psychotic/hallucinatory experiences that they deem to be real. They are not hoaxing, but have had or are having experiences of a psychotic nature.

“Mr. Francis” (who frequented Physical Phenomena séances and was a Spiritual healing devotee) is a prime example. He notes [Pages 160-161] his feelings of being followed after speaking about a sighting/encounter he had in Belgrave, and how he started hearing voices one year afterwards, while severely ill.

Mr. Francis had several alleged sightings of UFOs (many first seen as flashing lights) and small humanoids (like the archetypal greys in UFO lore).

He also once saw “Men in suits, standing and flying alongside the Grays.” [Page 168 ff.]

Now I suggest you get Nick’s book and read the whole Dean Francis story to get the gist of what I am speculating.

And that is Mr. Francis had ongoing symptomatic psychotic bouts subsumed by psycho-sensorial hallucinations [as distinguished by Baillarger].

Each MIB story has elements easily and glibly defined as psychotic in nature but that gloss, all by itself, would be foolish.

As noted, Nick doesn’t (nor I) think that all MIB contacts are psychical fantasies, but some surely are.

Yet, from what neurological gap in the brain (or mind) comes such hallucinations?

And from where do actual psysical Men In Black come from? And they do show up, mysteriously, to some, from without a dysfunctional mind.

Note the Men in Black in the Munch painting