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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Taxonomy of UFOs

A few years ago I suggested that UFOs should be categorized much as animals, plants, insects, etc. are categorized according to the Taxonomy model.

Here’s a summary of that model:

Each Kingdom is split into smaller groups, called Phyla. Each Phylum is split into smaller groups called Classes, each Class is split into Orders, each Order is split into Families, each Family is split into Genera, and each Genus is split into Species. A Species is a single organism, not a group. Some examples of species would be Southern Leopard Frog, Honey Mushroom, or White Oak. All seven types of groups go in order
from largest to smallest, like this:






More can be found here:

UFO taxonomy might allow serious UFO researchers the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were…..the segregation of nose from signal as many of you keep begging for.

For instance, I’m not particularly fixated on lights in the sky, or the so-called abductee experience.

But I do like the encounter reports, mostly because they bespeak a mental aberration, either from within the brain (neurological glitch) or from without (a paranormal intrusion).

Classification would allow investigational pursuit of UFOs according to one’s interest,

Those, like Rare phenomena lover, thinking UFOs are a strange phenomenon rather than ET craft could narrow their “research” to lights in the sky or such things as green fireballs of yore (and recently too it seems).

Those who think “experiencers” (abductees) have something to offer could pursue that demeaned area of “ufology” without besmirching the whole of UFO sightings.

Skeptics, such as Zoam Chomsky or Lance Moody, could attack those who insist that UFOs are alien space craft without belaboring those who have other speculative explanations for UFOs.

Anway, just a suggestion – one already in situ at our UFO web-site.