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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Revolt within Ufology: The rise of the UFO “Bolsheviks”

A serious movement to marginalize and/or eliminate ufology’s psychopaths is gaining momentum in several quarters of the UFO community.

Disreputable UFO ‘thugs” – many “prominent” UFO persons followed by newbies and ufological sycophants – are being outed for their inept and fraudulent activities in the UFO genre.

It seems that thoughtful UFO aficionados or buffs have had enough of the shenanigans of ufology’s sleaze-mongers.

This isn’t just about those who foisted the “Roswell slide alien” on UFO followers; it also is a take-out of those who promote alien abductions, those (the disclosure fanatics) who insist the government is hiding extraterrestrial contact from the public, and psychotic ramblers who present cockeyed theories and fake UFO events via the internet and at UFO conferences.

The May 5th 2015 Roswell slides people – Carey, Schmitt, Maussan, Dolan, Bragalia – committed ufological suicide, so they aren’t on the the “bolshevik” hit list. But persons such a Greer, Salas, Jacobs, et al. are, and I’ll provide, upcoming, a list that has been presented on Facebook from the UFO Bolshevik leader(s).

But there is a problem.

While I am a “friend” of some of the people involved in movement to oust sociopaths from the UFO community, there are a few revolting people in the mix.

And by revolting I mean, homely or ugly people: unkempt slobs, vulgarians, and non-intellectuals I’m sorry to report.

The new UFO elite is composed of persons who have a fetish for a democratized ufology, which I, as a proto UFO fascist, find distressing.

For me, a Marshall McLuhan devotee, I think the messenger is often as important as the message: putting a grotesque (in several ways) person or persons in charge of a revolution will kill that revolution, on the spot.

If Maximilien Robespierre had been a homely man, the French Reign of Terror would never had gotten off the ground.
 And if Lenin was a little bit uglier, the Bolsheviks would hardly have gotten as far as they did in establishing a communist state in Russia.
The new ufologists will destroy their effort right out of the box by including and touting those who are loutish and proletarian, often resorting to scatological jargon to make their points.

An air of academic and cultural refinement should be the hallmark of any movement to oust the current ufological bigwigs.

To replace con-men and irresolute persons with members of the great unwashed is tantamount to offering shit instead of piss for the communal UFO trove.

At any rate, change is inevitable. Whether that change will be beneficent or dire is yet to be determined.