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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Ramey photo and copyright issues

A  debate, at Kevin Randle's blog, has ensued about the Ramey memo and the photo's copyright owner, the newspaper --  the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

It seems that the persons working to decipher the memo itself, a small portion of the photo, are protected by Fair Use, as they may be designated researchers or analytics, using the photo to learn/teach something about it.

Moreover, that they are only looking at a small portion of the original photograph, the "hesitancy" to show what the group hoping to decipher the damn thing is working on or has found seems to be a red herring.

That is, there seems to be a similar procedure and attitude that got the alien slides people in trouble: the bond of secrecy, holding back information to ostensibly come to a full denouement before sharing the find with members of the UFO community.

There is a whiff of stink about this.

For some of the views about Copyright law and Fair Use, here's a link to material that all of you can understand: