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Thursday, November 05, 2015

A Roswell gift for Kevin Randle

From a dear friend:



We are viral….no, not this blog, but Earthlings and the Earth itself

Again, I refer you to schematics showing how obscure and isolated Earth is, in the context of the Galaxy and even more so in the Universe itself.

To think UFOs are galactic visitors or alien craft from the far-reaches of the Universe, even as robot-probes, is ludicrous on the face of it.

The plethora of supposed UFO sightings, over time and in the modern era, makes for a localized phenomenon, rather than a horde of extraterrestrial visitors.

That’s the rational view, despite the frenzied belief of some UFO buffs.

I could recap the Teilhard view that we (humans) are “corpuscles” in the body of the Universal Christ, but that only would invite colloquy from philosophical/theological oriented visitors here.

Let me just say that to think UFOs are recurring visitors from other planets with intelligent life is such a crazy notion that it’s surprising the idea is still extant among persons thought to have intelligence.

Earth and its inhabitants (and living creatures) are things, alone in the Cosmos, and bereft of friends, intelligent or not, from places far from this pathetic, little planet.

It is time to understand UFOs in the context of that reality.