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Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Ramey memo: let Rudiak do it!

I’m a little distressed that quidnuncs are getting enmeshed in the Ramey memo decipherment.

David Rudiak has been at the forefront of deciphering the damn artifact and has provided a quantity of interpretation and evaluation, some brilliant or ingenious and some hypothetical.

His effort has been and should be the standard for interpreting the memo.

The suggestions from others, requested by Kevin Randle, has opened a can of worms, many cans of worms it seems.

David ‘s approach has been judicious despite the consensus that he has an ET bias.

His bias has something to do with his interpretation of what the memo relates certainly but I don’t see that bias intruding upon his incisive look at the wording.

Yes, he may be inclined to see extraterrestriality in the wording but that’s because it may actually be there.

David may be a intemperate UFO investigator but he is not a dishonest man.

To take his work on the memo and open it to a bunch of ufological asses grinds my sensibilities.

I’m suggesting that whatever program is available to determine what the memo relates be passed on to Rudiak, and removed from the UFO “marketplace” where wannabes are struggling to obtain fame that deservedly belongs to him, Mr. Rudiak.

Look at the goofy offerings at Kevin Randle’s blog and you’ll readily see what I’m talking about: shitheads tying to co-opt the memo for their self-aggrandizing egos.


Bryan Sentes sent link about Earth's precious position in the Universe