UFO Conjectures

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Are UFOs AI entities (à la Bostrom)?

Discounting flying saucer/UFO reports where beings or creatures are experienced (because they are neurologically or psychologically induced, not physical presences), can we suppose that UFOs are artificially created “robots” from elsewhere?

Take a few cases – the 1948 Gorman “dogfight,” the 1957 RB-47 encounter, the 1976 Tehran episode – and countless others; do they mimic what one might expect from an intelligent machine?

I think they do.

Reading Nick Bostrom’s views (as suggested in my previous post), one can see that an alien civilization, million of years old, may have created intelligent machines that have taken on a project of exploring the Universe, and stumbling on Earth, found one where sentient life exists, in many forms.

For intelligent machines, such life would be queer, and outside such machines’ experience, thus perpetuating a continual exploration or examination of this planet to determine what these odd life-forms are.

AI machines would be baffled, it seems, by carbon, biological life, certainly life as diverse and sometimes ridiculous as that found here.

AI machines would, even after millennia of study or observation, remain tormented by what “they” found here.

Again, I suggest you consider Nick Bostrom’s views on AI.

They open the door to conjecture that may explain UFOs, if one keeps and open, intellectual mind.