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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Ramey memo re-emerges, but a caveat….,

Isaac Koi has provided a venue, at AboveTopSecret.com, where Roswell/Ramey buffs can see various scans of the Ramey memo (provided to me by Jose Caravaca):

The purpose is to allow others to try their hand(s) at decipherment or, at least, offer suggestions of interpretation of its content.

But let me put this forward…

A New Yorker piece by Adam Gopnik [11/30/15, Spooked, Page 84 ff.] about science and its fallibilities or waywardness has a paragraph (Page 86) about Vulcan, the oft promoted planet allegedly lying between Mercury and the Sun:

“As Thomas Levenson explains in “The Hunt for Vulcan “ (Random House), nineteenth- century astronomers were so in love with the idea of the missing planet that many of them, bewitched by random shadows, insisted they had seen it [Vulcan] through their telescopes. Only in 1915, when Einstein emerged with a new interpretation of the perturbations (something to do with gravity as space-time curvature), could astronomers stop ‘seeing’ what wasn’t there.”