UFO Conjecture(s)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Not a review....just an aside

I'm struggling to get through the Aubeck/Shough book pictured here.

I read from beginning to end, and don't skip around when I read a book.

But the opening chapters of this effort is laborious to read, stodgy and foolishly set in a faux scholarly frame.

The opening report of strange things seen in the sky is from the 17th Century [1665] and is worked over by Aubeck or Shough (or both) to the point of tedium.

It makes no case for a UFO as such but, rather, a report of an odd scene reported by persons who, as history instructs us, were subject to extreme changes in their world, politically, religiously, economically, and scientifically.

Perception and interpretation of odd things perceived in the upper regions were affected by the milieux that the societal upheavals created.

Aubeck and Shough make the opening salvo lugubrious.

And the heft of the book makes it difficult to handle and read.

I'll meet the challenge and get back to readers here, but it shall be a while, this tome not encouraging me to knock it off any time soon.