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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A great 2016 to my visitors (and sometime commenters)

The 1959 Reverend Gill sighting [Redux]

                  From DavidDicke.com

The Gill sighting, which all of you are familiar with, is a good one and is recapped at these web-sites:

I initially thought that Gill and his parishioners may have witnessed a mirage, but Martin Kottmeyer ruled that out in his examination of the sighting:

Reverend Gill is seen recounting the event(s) via a YouTube entry:

This is a credible, honest witness account.

What interests me are several listings in Aubeck/Vallee’s Wonders in the Sky:

One in 749 A.D. Ulster, Ireland where “Ships, with their crews, were seen in the air above Cluain Moccu.” [Page 67]

And France (circa 760) “The air was filled with human figures …” [ibid]

12 May 922 Bulgaria “ … A cloud [was seen] … And lo! [there were] seen in it something like men …” [Page 77]

20 March 1812 near Manosque, France “ … a luminous ball … split into four lights. Four human figures were seen, inside the objects. …” [Page 292]

Beams of light were often observed also, as in the Gill sighting.
                      From UFOevidence.com 

There are many more such incidents listed in Wonders

What does this tells us? That Reverend Gill’s observation and that of his church members is not unique, and may represent a recurrence of a phenomenon or other kind of event that is trying to tell us (humans) something.