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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Did comic books influence people about UFOs?

This 1976 DC Comic Book had several fictionalized stories by UFO believer and advocate Otto Binder:

Binder was a proponent of the ancient astronauts theory, and a believer in extraterrestrial life. Binder's theory is that human beings are "homo hybrid" an "interstellar crossbreed" (half human, half extraterrestrial).[25] He first discussed this hypothesis in his book Unsolved Mysteries of the Past (Tower Publications; reissue edition, 1970). He wrote Mankind Child of the Stars with Max Flindt in 1974, discussing the concept of "astroevolution". Erich von Däniken wrote a foreword for the book, which was revised and reprinted in 1999.[26] He wrote extensively about UFOs in magazines, including articles detailing the experiences of claimed UFO contactee Ted Owens. [Wikipedia]

Here's Wikipedia's bio of Binder:

Gardner Fox also contributed to the comic book but wasn't a UFO aficionado apparently:

Did any of the tales, with illustrations, affect persons who think they saw UFOs (and sometimes creatures from within them) after 1976?

(You can see, from the cover, an "abduction" scene and a small being.)

Or did UFOs stimulate the imagination of Binder and Fox?

It's a matter of causation, perhaps, and one that might even have perplexed philosopher David Hume.



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