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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Memory Hackers and Roswell

An airing about memory on PBS for NOVA Wednesday night [2/10/16] provided current information about memory, how it works and how it doesn't: Memory Hackers.

The important part for UFO buffs is a lengthy segment on how memory is inadvertently or purposefully altered by interviewers conducting sessions with people, in the attempt to dredge up memory of past events.

This goes to what is assumed (and noted) about ET-biased UFO investigators who interviewed Roswell citizens about the supposed 1947 incident there.

UFO "investigators" corrupted much of what was being recalled by people who thought they were involved in the alleged flying disk crash in July 1947.

But the brains fallibility plays a part also, a large part.

Investigators exacerbated the inherent flaws in the ability of the brain to remain exact in its recall of prior events (memory).

The show may be viewed online at:




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