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Monday, February 29, 2016

Military/Government Experiments, Not Extraterrestrial Encounters

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has provided a superb (and elaborate) account, at his blog, of some classic or famous UFO incidents that may very well have been military/government "experiments" rather than encounters with alien (space) visitors as UFO lore has it:

N.B. If you're not fluent in Spanish, use the translate option that will pop up when you access the link above.)



  • Fascinating piece.

    By Blogger Jen, at Wednesday, March 02, 2016  

  • Well we know from FOIA documents that at least the U.S. Government has conducted experiments on unwitting citizens.....

    By Blogger Brian Bell, at Thursday, March 03, 2016  

  • Well I just read this article. Caravaca argues in favor of the notion that some UFO abductions (the more famous ones by the way) might be related to secret operations made by the CIA in the frame of the MK-Ultra project. A great lot of information is presented but the connection to UFOs and abductions is very weak in my opinion.

    The typical description of the gray aliens is represented as similar to a military guy wearing a suit that seems to be for protection against poisonous gases or something like that. This is a suit with a head covering having large dark spectacles which reminds one of the grey aliens large eyes. No explanation about why the suit makes people describe the aliens as small sized with slenderness.

    The ideas presented in the article are really difficult to believe. The scenario is one in which apparently the CIA makes hundreds of abduction operations without being catch or without leaving any evidence, or erring at some point. A weird project like MK-Ultra who made all kind of atrocities, but which also made epic stupidities and fails, somehow now becomes an all-mighty enterprise capable of kidnapping people from everywhere without leaving any evidence, being also able of implanting false memories, etc. Really?

    I prefer to think that such level of successfulness is more likely to be extraterrestrial in origin (even when according to Hopkins and Jacobs, aliens make errors when dealing with abductees, such as returning them to the wrong place, or returning them with clothes from other abductees, etc.; the degree of successfulness and stealth of the abduction program seems to be very high, caused by smarter than human beings, at least in my view)

    By Blogger Don Maor, at Sunday, March 06, 2016  

  • But Don:

    Abductions by extraterrestrials, of an obviously advanced civilization, goes against the idea of an evolved morality, unless one posits the idea that aliens have been subject to original sin. which, I think, is unique to this planet.

    (Since I don't think biological entities have been visiting the Earth at all -- the number of UFO supposedly sighted rules the idea out, if one is rational -- the abduction scenario is crazier than Jose Caravaca's speculation, which I think Nick Redfern would also accept as more likely than alien abduction.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, March 06, 2016  

  • Rich:

    Evolved morality? We don't have a good notion about evolved morality. Morality is relative. Humans slave and kill millions of cows, chickens and pigs for food and products. That makes us moral or not? If alien abductions are the truth (and I think they are), we at least should be thanking the aliens for not abducting all of humanity, or thanking for not wiping out all humankind from the surface of the earth. We might also be grateful that abductions are carried in stealthiest way possible, in order to not to cause havoc or terror in all people.

    Regarding the number of UFOs, it rules out nothing. We don't know the exact number of true UFOs against identified ones or false UFOs.

    By Blogger Don Maor, at Sunday, March 06, 2016  

  • Don...

    There are a number of exegeses that indicate an advanced civilization, that traverses the Universe would have an ethical system in place, concomitant with its advanced technology -- unless that advanced civilization consists of artificial intelligence machines that have usurped the race that originally created them. (This is my current view, as you know.)

    But I can't imagine a machine intelligence wanting to take biological beings aboard their crafts (or themselves, which are the UFOs themselves, in toto).

    By for the sake of argument, let me say your view that an alien species from afar, that has advanced to the point where it is able to travel from there to here -- to this lonely, insignificant speck in space! -- is bent upon grabbing humans and other species, not for a zoo or museum of space creatures, but to perform experiments not unlike that which happen here by doctors or forensic coroners, is a projection of human depravity that belies what on would expect from an advanced [sic] civilization.

    The alien abduction scenario is a neurological scenario, as I see it.....a much more rational view of the experiencers' experiences than a gaggle of ETs gathering people for ongoing experimentations.

    I'm surprised that in all my readings of your views that you are a believer in alien abduction. It's a nutty, human being imagined kind of event that is only pertinent to Earthlings, whose corruption of ethical/moral behavior is unique to this planet as I noted previously....."original sin," to be theological-like.

    You are projecting on possible alien beings the kind of behavior that could only take place here, considering the evolution of human kind from neolithic time to today.....on the planet only.

    No other civilization, from afar, would behave like we do -- the odds are astronomical (to be punny).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, March 06, 2016  

  • Rich, you seem to be pretty sure about the way aliens would behave. I don't like to predict how other civilizations would or will behave. I, you, we, even psychologists, can NOT predict how each human will behave under a set of stimuli or situations, much less will we be able to predict how aliens will be behave.

    Respectfully Rich, you seem to be at this time pretty much ignorant about the state of the knowledge about abductions. According to the info reported by abductees, the aliens are not just doing "experiments". In the context of abductions, the word "experiment" sounds to me as silly as the word "skeptibunker" sounds to you. The situation reported by many is that alien abductors seem to be performing a massive plan to produce large quantities of individuals called "hybrids", a genetic mixture of aliens and humans. David Jacobs calls the hybrids of the late stage "hubrids", and these would be almost indistinguible from humans. According to Dr. Jacobs last research, these hubrids would be designed to live and inflitrate human societies.

    You should read Dr. Jacobs last book "Walking among us", or Budd Hopkins' last one "Art, Life and UFOs". Hopkins' book is an excellent read even if you don't believe in abductions. Reading this book, one can realize Hopkins was a great guy.

    By Blogger Don Maor, at Sunday, March 06, 2016  

  • One clarification. The abduction scenario as depicted by Jacobs and Hopkins sounds undoubtedly, very, very crazy, but crazy as it sounds, I think those great researchers nailed it.

    By Blogger Don Maor, at Sunday, March 06, 2016  

  • Don:

    I am so anti-alien abduction that I can barely dialogue about it.

    But you are not alone in the belief that abductions have taken place and are taking place, apparently.

    The matter of hypnosis being used to dredge up the "events" is troublesome for me. (I won't go into the why of that as you know all the caveats.)

    We (you and I) just have to accept that we have different speculations and may have to try to work our way through our differences.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, March 06, 2016  

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