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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Ego-Madness that has enveloped Ufology

The UFO topic has always attracted publicity seekers and self-aggrandizing individuals: persons hoping to get a modicum of fame from the uniquely fringe field of UFO sightings, ignoring the crazy patina that hovers over anyone attracted to the phenomenon.

But the ego-maniacal aspect has increased exponentially with the advent of Facebook and its use by UFO buffs.

UFO aficionados now use Facebook to exploit the flimsiest efforts to get at the meaning of UFO sightings or an explanation of the mysterious, obtuse phenomenon.

In the old days, UFO-interested people provided somewhat substantive essays, books, and conversations about the phenomenon.

Today, a lesser involved segment of the peripheral, side-lined UFO community struggles to make a mark with the tawdriest presentations of ideas about UFOs and its related perspectives.

And, as B.F. Skinner told us, those laggard offerings are rewarded with Facebook likes and emojis that keep the needful egos of ufologists happy, despite the shallow depth of what they present.

The puerile camaraderie has taken over the once UFO-battered bonhomie that allowed for oblique back-and-forths that made UFOs an endearing hobby for those attuned to the quirkiness of the one-time portentous enigma.

This superficial overlay of everything extant is endemic to Facebook and its users of which I am, sad to say, one.

I have yet to see a worthwhile presentation about UFOs (or media, which I’m beholden to examine at my Facebook page) or anything else (culture, politics, philosophy, et cetera) and the subsequent commentary to presentations (of anything) is facile in extremis.

Sure, I understand, when one posts, on a blog or web-site, something on UFOs or anything else one is interested in and the comments are not forthcoming, one is happy to get, at least, a nod, which Facebookers provide.

But topics worthy of more are being diluted to the point of evanescence or even extinction, as I’ve noted about ufology and UFOs for a time long before Facebook intervened to hasten the demise of the matter.

But what is eye-opening, for me, is how glib and meaningless UFO debate has become, even among UFO devotees of some distinction.

It’s a kind of dementia that has taken hold, sneaking up on people once considered enamored and intellectual about UFOs.

The madness of perfunctory thought is pervasive, in the UFO community, exacerbated by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and the practitioners have no idea they are bringing about the expiration of an interesting subject that once was fraught with (some) insight and theoretical musings.

Facebook commentary is transitory and won’t even be maintained as an internet product that can be recalled for scrutiny and examination later on. It is ephemeral in that word’s exact meaning.

(No, I do not maintain a UFO page at Facebook or Twitter. I have enough trouble trying to keep a lid on news media ramblings.)

N.B. Cartoon illustration above by Frank Forte via http://laluzdejesus.com/



  • Agrred, it's a cirkus, and everything seems allowed, just to get a few likes and attention. Peace & Light

    By Blogger Thomas Kortholm, at Tuesday, February 23, 2016  

  • It's a pity that you do not have a Tweeter account because even the aliens now have several. It's almost not a joke, they discuss each day with 70 followers, of cosmology, metaphysics, economy, etc ... since 2012. The latest info is that they dig in asteroids, to save biotope inside...
    In fact, you expect that the aliens lands front of the Capitol and front of networks, as they discuss for long time ago on social networks. I find it funny and it should at least irritate Gilles Fernandez or Isaac Koi.

    There: https://twitter.com/oomo_toa
    There: https://twitter.com/oyagaa_ayuyisaa
    And There: http://oumo.fr/

    By Blogger Peekaboo Boo, at Tuesday, February 23, 2016  

  • Well, my blog will have to do, until Blogger/Google decides to evict me. But even the blog does not entice any meaningful dialog with the exception of my on-going discussions with Tom Tulien concerning the 1968 Minot UFO case. We're knee deep in Roswellian-type minutia concerning the case. But it's a good conversation for the most part.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Wednesday, February 24, 2016  

  • I hate Facebook, but during the Roswell slides fiasco, I had to go there to read how some of the principals were reacting.

    Dolan used FB to get sympathy, and his echo chamber obliged him, wholeheartedly.

    I don't recall the MUFON journal having a single piece about the slides. Am I wrong?

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Thursday, February 25, 2016  

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