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Monday, March 14, 2016

Nick Redfern on Why Roswell is Important.....[I apologize, but Nick is a dear friend and I am obligated to accommodate him]



  • As I note in the article, the importance may not be in relation to the case itself directly, but how and why it's important to Ufology. As I note, if Roswell (as an ET case) collapses, so will much of Ufology. So, that's why it's important to Ufology: it's a lifeline.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Monday, March 14, 2016  

  • While Roswell, Nick, remains a linch-pin for ufology and the ongoing UFO topic, there is a lethargy within the re-hash of Roswell.

    What happened to the ballyhooed deciphering of the Ramey memo, which was a hot blog item a few months back?

    And CDA, among others, asked once, if I recall correctly (and I've raised the issue a few times over the years), where is the search for camera photos from Roswell locals who, at at time when box cameras were all the rage. (Kodak's Brownies were all over the place, and I don't think Roswell was devoid of the things; people loved to take snapshots, but no one took a photo of the alleged 1947 hubbub?)

    Also, the depth of real Roswell research has been lame -- even David Rudiak's efforts, which seem monumental, lack serious depth. (He will argue otherwise, but he skirts matters that never get the intensive scrutiny that Roswell aficionados believe will clear up the ET hypothesis. The Ramey memo, now set aside, is one of those slighted matters, as is the Mogul missing balloon launch, which Rudiak and others use as fodder for an flying disk crash when, Mogul's, missing balloon or not, answers the question of what Brazel got his hands on.)

    A now defrocked ufologist once told me -- as a ploy of some kind? -- that the Roswell Dream Team was about to travel to New Mexico to gather some of the Roswell debris that the Proctor family had squirreled away. It didn't happen, obviously.

    Roswell has the appearance of a well-mined incident, but it is hardly that; Roswell "researchers" inept as usual.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, March 14, 2016  

  • Nick is partly right that if Roswell dies, then so will (probably) ufology. But ufology is already virtually dead, irrespective of whether Roswell lives or dies. It won't die anyway (see below).

    The abduction craze is over, at least to the extent that nobody is interested to any extent now. The 'disclosure' farce is dead, at least until it is resurrected again briefly, whereupon it will soon die once again. (Does that make sense?)

    UFO conferences in the US will continue for awhile, but other countries will, and have, largely lost interest in them.

    A new generation of ufologists have arrived and more will continue to arrive, but will learn nothing that the older generation already knew decades ago.

    And Roswell? Yes it will continue to fascinate, but it will never (repeat NEVER) be finally resolved. Any more than Jack the Ripper will ever be finally identified or the author of Shakepeare's plays or JFK's assassin be decided to everyone's satisfaction.

    I have said enough! Too much in fact.

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, March 14, 2016  

  • CDA:

    You're always enlightening, even when you're wordy or off-topic.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, March 14, 2016  

  • I need to post an addendum to CDA's comment. Let us not forget the vast wasteland of MUFON's database of past and current UFO reports from the general public.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Monday, March 14, 2016  

  • So maybe it is a generational change.

    The new generations having the scientific realizations that the Martians and Venusians are't there. That, beyond our probes, we can't even yet reach Mars safely, and when we can, why go there? To explore to be sure, but not to find others.

    So maybe our science and astrophysics has brought about the realization that with our otherwise dead Solar System and the next system being 4+ LIGHT YEARS away makes even communication unlikely and travel impossible in the foreseeable future for humans.

    We need a superluminal something, a dimensional something, a time shifting, a 'dark' something, or an even more unthought-of exotic to make sense of contact or communication for we humans. Of course, open one of those doors and everything changes.

    Having said all that, SETI is still listening.

    It does leave open that AI probes could be reaching us from earlier, previous or longer lifespan life itself -that could also reach us themselves for a number or reasons, the worst being conquest.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Wednesday, March 16, 2016  

  • Hello,

    Very interesting article by Nick. I share more or less what he proposes.

    Excepted I dont think or "doubt" that if Roswell explained (even if for me, it is), it will be the "end of ufology".

    Ufologists, we claim as French UFO-Skeptics, have a well-known and observable syndrom: we call it "Raminograbis syndrom" (you know, the cat in Jean de La Fontaine^^) aka Ufologists, like cat, always lands on his feet in the end. When a case is explained (and often "best ones or presented like it by THEM), they do like if nothing had happened and draws in the residual cases "magic" pocket.

    Well, that's ufology, after all ;)


    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Thursday, March 17, 2016  

  • I agree with Nick, although I think his opinion is widely held by skeptics and doubters already.

    Despite the continued lack of forthcoming evidence, believers just won't give it up. There will always be a die hard core group who will push their Roswell agenda to keep Ufology "alive" (at least in their minds).

    Every movement has a banner, and Roswell is it for North American believers.

    Synonymous with standard bearers who carried their unit flags during the American Civil War, when one fell another picked up the banner and pressed on.

    The same will be true with Roswellians despite continued efforts (and failures) to produce anything new or significant.

    By Blogger Brian Bell, at Sunday, March 20, 2016  

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