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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ghost Rockets: 1946 [More interesting than you think]

UFO notable Chris Savia (The Anomalist, Daily Grail contributor) is heading up publicity for an ongoing project about Scandinavia’s Ghost Rockets, spurred by UFO-Sweden and Clas Svahn – UFO- Sweden's vice chairman and journalist, about whom you can read here:

Most of you know something about the Ghost Rocket episode(s) of 1946 but here’s the Wikipedia take on the sightings:

UFO Sweden is a ufology group, which is highlighted in a film about a recent Ghost Rocket-like sighting that UFO Sweden undertook to research, because it had all the earmarks of the 1946 Ghost Rocket sightings.

The film, which is leisurely by usual documentary standards, is interesting insofar as it shows a typical UFO buff group [UFO Sweden] and its machinations about a foray to the lake where the above-noted sighting took place.

The two people, who had the recent Ghost Rocket-like sighting, are a credible, rational example of UFO witnessing, and what they describe is fascinating (to me).

Also, the quasi-philosophical musings by some UFO Sweden old-timers are right up my alley: our place in the Universe, the possibility of UFOs from extraterrestrial civilizations (or not), and the still-exciting curiosity that UFOs (or Ghost Rockets) instills in them.

Here's the trailer for the film:


While the Ghost Rocket sightings, like many classic flying saucer/UFO sightings or events, are passé for many UFO mavens nowadays, such sightings (referenced in the documentary) are grist for some of us, as they engender the mystery of the phenomenon which drew us to it.

Check out the film, be patient – let it wash over you. It is quiescent but soothes the savage breast of ufology hereabouts.



  • Thanks for sharing Rich. I'm sure it will prove to be quite interesting.

    My current opinion on these "Ghost Rockets" is two fold regarding their probable explanation:

    1) Post war paranoia, coupled with Cold War concerns, fear of communism and atomic bombs, and knowledge of Nazi secret weapons influenced many people in Sweden to interpret (if not wholly imagine) that they were being harassed (or attacked) by the Soviets.

    2) That the Soviets did indeed launch small disposable missles over Sweden's coastline as means to test Western reactions without risking a war by flying them directly over divided and militarized West Germany (although some of these missles were seen there also).

    I believe that on a few occasions when wreckage was found, it consisted of very small amounts of melted magnesium slag. In other words a metal that disintegrates when used in small disposable rockets or projectiles.

    Let's not forget the Soviets had been using Katyusha rockets since 1941 on the Eastern Front. Allied powers hadn't really given them much thought until 1944 and then only on ground attack aircraft and an occasional tank (Screamin' Mimi's).


    The Soviets had full capacity to manufacture these rockets. During WWII some were even launched from naval vessels.

    I have no doubt that they were terrestrial in nature and were not the product of some advanced interstellar race of little grey aliens.

    By Blogger Brian Bell, at Wednesday, April 27, 2016  

  • Thank you Brian..

    Your views make the most sense, however...

    The thing that the couple, in the film, saw -- and they were rational, observant people -- not long ago, maneuvered in a way that rockets can't.

    Their observation mimicked many in the 1946 barrage of reports (sightings).

    I've dismissed the Ghost Rocket scenario pretty much, feeling the Soviets were the instigators, but I now have caveats.

    The 1946 Scandinavian sightings should be re-examined, just a UFO Sweden did with that couple sighting.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, April 27, 2016  

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