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Friday, April 22, 2016

Kevin Randle opens the door to an ET event at Roswell, while not opening a door

This is the opening salvo of an exegesis by Kevin Randle, at his blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com], about a letter from Lt. General Nathan Twining in September 1947:

“There are those who believe that Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining’s letter of September 23, 1947, closes the door on the Roswell crash.”

Kevin goes on the elaborate upon the views of some in the United States military during the 1947 burst of “flying saucer” sightings/reports. Kevin allows for those views and investigations to provide a patina for the Roswell incident.

It’s an interesting ploy, to keep Roswell on Kevin’s front burner about UFOs. (Roswell nags at Kevin, and he can’t shake it. I call Roswell Kevin’s “Moby Dick.”)

Kevin’s hermeneutics on UFOs and, in particularly Roswell, are always interesting and intelligent, while many of those who comment at his blog are far from interesting or intelligent.

That said, let’s look at what Kevin is implying with his exegesis:

That there is a possibility, from the flying saucer accounts he provides, from credible military sources, that flying saucers are extraterrestrial craft or were, at least, in the 1947 time-frame.

But as CDA might contend, where are the scientific analyses or commentary for such a spectacular speculation?

Kevin’s posting brings in the dichotomy between Top Secret and Secret designations by the military, allowing for a knot-hole escape by Twining and some top level military men (and the U.S. government); that is, Twining and others in the military were not privy to Top Secret activities and such things as Twining’s letter, the gist of Kevin’s post, would be a curlicue around what was really going on in the inner circle of the government.

Kevin’s two-prong explanation for Roswell and flying saucers, in 1947, was that they were thought to be Russian technology captured from the Nazis at the end of World War Two or they were something from outside the Earth, based upon their maneuverability mostly.

Yet, what has happened since 1947? Have flying saucers, now epitheted as UFOs, been accepted by many as ET craft or by others as hoaxes or mental imaginations, even a new, unknown phenomenon?

Where is the extraterrestrial proof? (And, yes, where is the mental aberrational proof or the unknown phenomenon proof also?)

The idea that UFOs (or flying saucers) are the vanguard of an ET invasion, now going on since time immemorial, as Wonders in the Sky, indicates, is ludicrous.

A crashed ET disk near Roswell is a possibility, of course, but one so remote, considering the vastness of the Cosmos, and the pathetic place of earth in that Cosmos, that to keep pummeling UFO buffs with the idea is a kind of madness itself.

Yes, Kevin can’t let it go. He is obsessed, rationally, not in the way that David Rudiak is obsessed, irrationally.

Check out his musings, and stand by for the insane commentary that shall ensue. It’s all part of my feeling that humans are in a state of sublimated or repressed madness, and UFO buffs, especially Roswellians, more mad than the rest of society.



  • CDA, is not an RRRGroup member, just a pal.

    He sent a comment, which mentions a person no longer welcomed or noted here, so I had to expurgate CDA's comment, which is:

    What you are saying, referring to the ET brigade, is: "If the official documentation does not support the ET hypothesis, then we shall twist and turn the meaning of this documentation so that it DOES support the ET hypothesis".

    If a 'secret' document says there ain't any hardware, then we know a 'top secret' one exists that says exactly the opposite. (But of course the public won't ever see this document, will they?)

    And if an analysis by the Battelle Institute of some unusual metal is done, and the results are whispered to certain privileged persons, but never published in a public journal, we know (by the same reasoning) that this MUST be to do with the Roswell debris, don't we?

    And that, as Gilles would say, is ufology. It probably always will be.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, April 23, 2016  

  • Rich -

    I can't be certain, but I may have recently been one of the catalysts for Kevin's new Twining memo article (no doubt by me annoying him).

    Following his reference to "Air Intelligence Report No. 100-203-79", I mentioned the Twining and Schulgen memos as documents that are inclined to support a terrestrial explanation rather than an alien one.

    "Soviet Aerial Reconnaissance and Roswell"


    As CDA points out, the constant unremitting rebuttal by Roswellians to obvious discrepancies in their logic is typically one that elicits a response that ALWAYS leaves for "loopholes" for hidden alien conspiracy.

    It's as if Roswellians say to themselves:

    "If the Twining memo doesn't say what I want it to, then I can simply claim what it doesn't say is all part of the secret alien conspiracy and dismiss it outright while claiming its content is still evidence of a coverup!"

    Twisted logic in my book....oh well.

    I don't believe Kevin will be giving up on the ETH very soon. While his blog articles offer a balanced view, his comments and rebuttes are typically pro-ET.

    By Blogger Brian Bell, at Saturday, April 23, 2016  

  • Yes, Brian, I, too, think Kevin is a subliminal ET acolyte, but he does put up with a lot of nonsense in the commentary at his blog ,as you know from dealing with some of the nuts who comment there, a few in the posting cited as I expected.

    Kevin came to an ET explanation for Roswell early on and he can't shake it, but he keeps trying.

    I give him props for that.

    We, CDA, you, me and a few others, have to admit that Roswell was POSSIBLY an ET event.

    Not a probable ET event but a possibility, as remote as that might be.

    Kevin can pursue that possibility without being cited as insane or stupid.

    But there have to be caveats, and I keep reading Kevin's remarks, opening the door to those caveats.

    So I cut him a lot of slack; he is an intelligent guy who is trying to separate the Roswell wheat from the chaff.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, April 23, 2016  

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