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Friday, May 27, 2016

Birds as ETs?

A new book by Jennifer Ackerman, The Genius of Birds [Penguin Press, 2016], reviewed in The New Yorker [5/30/2016, Page 77] notes “that many bird species … exhibit ‘technical, social, musical, spatial, inventive, adaptive’ intelligence.”

The reviewer writes “In addition to providing  engaging descriptions of bird behavior, Ackerman addresses scientific debates, such as whether birds’ ability to solve puzzles necessarily indicates insight and grasp of cause and effect.”

So, can we add to the possible litany of UFO visitors, evolutionarily advanced birds from another planet, our future, another dimension, or parallel universe that is a cosmic aviary?

Advanced birds, visiting Earth (from somewhere) could be seen as angels, Mothmen, or other diverse entities found in UFO lore.



  • We had insects, courtesy of Gerald Heard. Now we have birds. But aren't birds evolutionary descendants of dinosaurs? What's next?

    By Blogger cda, at Friday, May 27, 2016  

  • I have other possibilities, CDA, for UFO pilots (or the UFOs themselves, but they are at the bottom of the speculative barrel.

    (You and I like Gerald Heard's "outrageous" hypothesis, because it has a contingent of viability about it, yes?)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, May 27, 2016  

  • CDA wrote:

    "But aren't birds evolutionary descendants of dinosaurs? What's next?"

    Reptilian aliens of course. Didn't you know they have infiltrated the world's governments? Every tabloid in America has claimed it one time or another.

    Isn't your Prime Minister a Reptilian? LOL

    By Blogger Brian Bell, at Friday, May 27, 2016  

  • Since you are compiling a list don't forget:


    You might call this the spiritual or etheric or guardian hypothesis.

    By Blogger Anonymous, at Friday, May 27, 2016  

  • "Childhood's End" saw dragons/devils as the protagonist. They flit about their home world on tiny wings. No mention of how they evolved as such, but such flight -- and intelligence -- might somehow evolve into spaceflight tech. More nightmares.

    By Blogger Ron, at Friday, May 27, 2016  

  • So that's what happened to the dinosaurs: they built spaceships and left!

    This isn't so much a joke as a prediction of topics on next season's Ancient Aliens.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Friday, May 27, 2016  

  • Rich's original premise about AI carries the most weight. As for who created the AI, it's obviously the Krell.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, May 28, 2016  

  • Hmmm... Go look up Allometry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allometry Allometry is the study of body scale and its effects on metabolic rate and body mass. Body mass also effects support structures like shells or bones of the animal / creature.

    Ask your friend, the Iron Skeptic, about how some materials are better than others for building things... and how scaling a design that works with a material at one size may cause a catastrophic failure at a much larger size.

    Nature is mostly a good designer. It's mistakes never survive. The facts are Bugs and Birds don't scale well.

    The "Ants" in the 1954 "B" SciFi movie "Them" could not exist simpley because chiton is not strong enough to keep an ant together when it's the size of a city bus.
    Birds don't do any better. Sure some can pull 20 Gs pulling out of a dive but they also have a high metabolic rate, a small brain, and relatively small surface area.

    Since [at least at this time] it appears that brain volume does in someway reflect the "intelligence capability" of a creature, a normal sized bird or a rat is unlikely to be "intelligent" in the human sense of intelligence simply because the brain volume [and the resulting number of neural connections] is too small.

    If you try to scale a bird up to have a human size brain you will find you will have created other problems for it as a "bird". Problems which will probably preclude it from surviving as an intelligent creature.

    If ETs don't follow the "scaling laws" they probably aren't what you think they are. Go back and look at the taxonomy of all of the "reported" aliens. Those that don't follow the scaling law are probably animals or illusions or delusions. Today I'm leaning toward "they're all illusions [or delusions created] by 'Twearable Twicksters'"

    By Blogger Joel Crook, at Saturday, May 28, 2016  

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