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Friday, May 20, 2016

What do AI (Artificial Intelligence), Memory, and Virtual Reality (the Matrix simulation) have to do with UFOs?

Regular readers here know I propose the possibility that intelligent machines (AI oriented) either pilot UFOs or are the UFOs themselves.

UFOs may be von Neumann probes from another dimension, a parallel universe, from the future (or past?), or from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the galaxy or Universe itself.

The plentitude of UFO reports indicate, to me, that ETs from afar seem ludicrous, as I’ve often noted. Spending such time, even if economies allow it, scouring this backwater planet would diminish the idea that the visitors are advanced.

Memory is important for the recreation of details about classic UFO cases (not just Roswell) and even for current UFO sightings. A memory flaw affects “evidence.”

Living in a simulation – a current conversational topic (and even an academic topic) – opens the door to debate about reality (or consciousness).

The question arises, however, for me, as to why the Programmer (God we can call it) would insert UFOs into a simulation filled with excruciating minutiae such as wars (genocide), natural disasters, political mayhem, and other vicissitudes of what we think is life (reality).

That’s the modus for inserting the titled topics in a blog ostensibly about UFOs.

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  • There is another possibilty, already mentioned in the 70's by ufologists, who now returns, thanks to a small group of french ufologist. The idea is that the alien source, can create a contact scenario for a witness, by "reading" directly into the consciousness of the witness, his memories, his unconscious desires. We often think that observation is the result of chance, but in fact this is not the case. From beginning to the end of the observation there as a scenario, sometimes absurd, to the witness only. When witnesses are numerous, each will be given a sensitive aspect, some will see nothing. The UFO disappears as he had come, come if he took advantage of an impunity hole in space-time.
    The second idea is that extremely advanced society may consider the world of materiality, one in which we live, as extremely primitive. Like when we go to the meeting of creatures of the abyss, a dark and cold place, and limited in terms of action.
    An alien society that would control "code" of reality, one that underlies our own reality, that of waves and particles, could creep into the reality of the witness, where it sees fit, defy gravity or take any seemingly thwart any trap tense, suspend the course of time of the witness, etc ... This is probably why we must understand by the analogy with the film "Matrix". There is a "weaving" of the real world, when an extra-terrestrial ethnicity, knows "knitting" that frame, it becomes a kind of god. As Neo when he masters the apparent world, playing with the settings of the code.
    More on the website of the new ufologists. Sorry it's in french but translation google is your friend.
    By the way you still do not like history of Oommo on tweeter? lol.

    By Blogger Peekaboo Boo, at Saturday, May 21, 2016  

  • "UFOs: RR3 and objective hallucination

    Article published by Philippe Solal, philosophy fellow at the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse

    This article aims to deepen the argument that the UFO phenomenon presents events that are both physical and psychological. This strange property of being simultaneously physical nature and psychic nature phenomenon gives one of his most powerful means of concealment and interference because it allows him to appear selectively, that is to say, to select the witnesses in a group together at the same time and in one place, perceive the UFO, compared to those who do not perceive. Here lies the secret of his amazing elusiveness"
    More here:

    By Blogger Peekaboo Boo, at Monday, May 23, 2016  

  • Thank you PB...

    Interesting piece.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, May 23, 2016  

  • you 're welcome

    By Blogger Peekaboo Boo, at Tuesday, May 24, 2016  

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