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Friday, June 03, 2016

A credible 1980 Ghost Rocket sighting

Destination America [Channel], which is not a reliable or credible source of UFO information….here’s the channel’s depiction of what Lonnie Zamora saw in Socorro….
had a segment Thursday [6/2/16] in its Unsealed Alien Files show about the resurgent ghost rocket sighting [1980] by two credible witnesses, Bo and Liz Berg.
UFO-Sweden, highlighted in a recent documentary, noted here a short while ago, set up a retrieval of the “rocket” seen by the Bergs, as it settled in a Swedish lake:

What interests me is the solid observation by the Bergs.

Was what they saw a shared hallucination? I don’t think so. The couple strikes me as normal and capable of superb witnessing.

The “sighting” and dunking of the thing seen mimicked what happened in 1946 over (and in) Sweden.

The thing was cigar or rocket shaped, not saucer shaped, That’s interesting also.
As for Destination America, its UFO material is generally sensationalized and errant, but the UFO-Sweden/Berg segment not so.)



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