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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kevin Randle's new Roswell book....yes, Roswell

Kevin Randle’s new book -- Roswell in the 21st Century: The Evidence as it Exists Today – is a must read for UFO newbies and also the entrenched members of the UFO community, no matter how disenchanted with Roswell or how well-versed they think they are about the Roswell saga.

(Kevin's estimable effort will be available from the publisher as an e-book, July 15th, 2016.)

Mr. Randle has provided broad insights and discriminate minutiae in the first 200 pages of his 332 page “polemic” fleshing out his book with 132 pages of Appendices covering related topics: MJ-12, the so-called Aquarius Project, The Plains of San Agustin Controversy, the Ramey memo, et cetera, et cetera.

There is an extensive (!) bibliography, for those who might like to collect the Roswell and UFO detritus extant.

The Roswell slides affair gets a working over, Mr. Randle offering, as he does with his Roswell input, much that has never been publicly addressed.

I’m not a Roswell aficionado, but have a few books about the incident, and have commented sporadically about Roswell, mostly denigrating the tale.

But this new book makes me sit up and take a better view of the 1947 episode(s).

Everyone, and I mean everyone, who has had a say or stake in Roswell, over the years and ongoing, gets an “examination” by Mr. Randle, as does everything about Roswell that has been aired, published, or discussed in the UFO community and public arena.

Even if you say “Ick, no more about Roswell please,” you owe yourself the chance to find out why some see Roswell as an ET event, and why others do not.

This book will give you the wherewithal to debate or debunk Roswell, as you see fit.

It’s my new standard for Roswellian information.

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  • It is surprising that there is anything more to say on Roswell, but I suppose I should read it before commenting further. I cannot think of any other UFO incident that has had so many books devoted to it (and that's not counting all the articles, films and on-line discussions/debates), which in a way is a good indicator that "there must be something to it". And yet I still feel the opposite.

    Consider this: over 20 years after the USAF officially gave the 'kiss of death' to the case, far more has been written on Roswell than was written in the years leading up to the AF kill-off. And there is no sign of it slackening. So there must be 'something' behind it. At least, that is what commonsense seems to tell us. This 'something' need not be nuts & bolts ET stuff, but it is still an enigma. Or is it all in the mind?

    A new Ramey memo analysis is in the offing. And so it goes on....

    By Blogger cda, at Sunday, June 19, 2016  

  • CDA:

    There is an awful lot of stuff in Kevin's book that I find intriguing, and which is new (to me).

    I'll be dealing with one odd bit of Roswell minutiae here (upcoming).

    Kevin is cleaning his Roswell palate, correcting issues that have nagged him and the saga, and nailing those who have misrepresented his position over the years, often over-corrupting elements of the Roswell tale that were initially thought to be valid but turning out to be errant (for various reasons).

    Kevin is trying to set the record(s) straight and does a good job doing just that.

    You'll like the foo-faw about Friedman I think and some might get a kick out of the Bragalia/Roswell slides imbroglio.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, June 19, 2016  

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