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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Power of Facebook -- dammit!

This is a notification from Facebook about my MediaWatch page there:
As you can see, a recent posting about a media change in our area prompted 392 people (even more when I last looked) to respond or become engaged, and the number seeing the posting rivals the amount of people who access this blog, with far fewer engaged.

One can see why once UFO notables now resort to Facebook to be seen and get their messages (no matter how loopy or banal) before an audience.

Facebook is killing web-site and blog use, to the detriment of extended, useful dialogue about UFOs and everything else.

But it's the way things are and will be, for awhile, so one has to acquiesce to that reality.

(I rarely use my UFO oriented Facebook page, and the MediaWatch page gets more attention than I wish for, but there it is.)



  • In the UK I hear that Facebook is now on the decline, superseded by Instagram, Twitter and goodness knows what else.

    It's the kids, i.e. those under 25, who seem to dominate these things. I doubt today's kids care much about UFOs. They are relics of the past!

    25? OK I'll extend it to 30 but no higher.

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, June 02, 2016  

  • CDA:

    You have it pretty much right.

    Twitter is dying, but SnapChat, Instagram, are on the rise, but Facebook is like Imperial Rome before its decline.

    And no one under 30 or 35 cares about UFOs.

    I sat with my son, the neuroscientist, and some of his U of M pals, at our lake place, over the Memorial holiday weekend and tried to insert UFOs into their conversations about quantum physics, neurology, psychology, evolution and basketball, etc.

    Nope. UFOs were treated as a laughable topic, even though the fellows remained polite about my comments.

    But they did like my "living in a simulation" ideas and they were gaga about AI.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, June 02, 2016  

  • Rich,

    You are very hard and rude with FB. Old-Geezer! It is a precious TOOL for the ones using it with parsimony, but of course having its limits and excess (same for blogs, sites, books or magazins, after all).

    Without YB, I doubt the Roswell Slides Saga had been solved in less 24/48 hours after the May the 5th conference by the RSRG.

    That's why (not only) with friends we recently opened a FB discussion group called "UFO-Pragmatism".

    We discuss together (and in public view) about several cases and sharing resources. And the final product is sometimes summerized in a final "paper": in my blog, in SUNlite or dunno where.
    There are not only < 25 years old individuals! (I regret, specially concerning girls ^^).



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Thursday, June 02, 2016  

  • Gilles, mon ami....

    I know that Facebook can be a useful resource, if one manipulates it according to one's needs, as you seem to be doing.

    And I use my MediaWatch page to produce changes in local media here.

    The problem is that many -- including a few UFO notables -- have succumbed to the "like me" emoji, hoping to accrue what they think is admiration for them and their insipid photos or activities, eschewing deep thought or erudite Facebook submissions.

    They've been seduced by the superficial glamour of Facebook, accepting "friends" who are just names and reveling in what they feel is attention to their most shallow input.

    That's all I'm griping about.

    But c'est la vie.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, June 02, 2016  

  • As shared previously, I've asked my school-aged children's friends about aliens, UFO's, and Roswell.

    My observations have been that the girls know nothing of Roswell, but the boys sometimes do.

    Roswell is a good entry point for discussion on whether or not they believe in intelligent ET life. Occasionally they've brought home a science newsletter that talks of SETI and the search for life on Mars.

    About half the boys say they've heard of Roswell but they think little of it. Each boy individually has said that it's just a "story" someone made up when they found some "junk".

    Most are doubtful ET exists and is visiting us now or in the past, but a few say they think it's possible microbes may live on another planet but nothing more.

    If this is any evidence at all, I would conclude that the very youngest generation has no interest in flying saucers or aliens other than the ones they see in Hollywood films and in their gaming activities on Xbox and PS4. Of course they know those aliens are just entertainment.

    By Blogger Brian Bell, at Thursday, June 02, 2016  

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