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Monday, June 06, 2016

Ufology and the call (need?) for money

The Anomalist noted that The Daily Grail has a pressing need for member subscriptions to continue online publishing: $1 month, a beggarly amount, I feel.

Frank Warren, who is a “senior citizen” (a UFO geezer), who is presently ill (God bless him), has flocked his web-site, The UFO Chronicles, with advertising and goo-gaws to obtain a few shekels, which I’m sure would be helpful for his daily survival.

And we all know the personal plight of The Paracast's Gene Steinberg (God help him).

Then there are the long-time UFO money-grubbers, using UFOs to line their pockets, often exploiting UFO buffs and UFO lore, to the dismay of the more honest among us.

(The 2015 Roswell slide fiasco was a prime example of such exploitation.)

My feeling is that money corrupts all or most endeavors, whether its news media and television, or social media like Facebook or Twitter, et cetera.

If someone or some group wants to make money off of the UFO phenomenon, they’d better come up with unique and exhilarating new material about UFOs every time they put forth something UFO related.

To use the old stuff and other people’s efforts, to try and capture a few bucks, is loathsome, as I see it.

The Daily Grail is a better-than-good UFO/paranormal web-site, well worth a dollar or two from those who frequent the site.

And Mr. Warren’s cluttered site can insert all the ads he can get, if that keeps him from poverty or worse.

As for Mr. Steinberg, the less said the better.

UFOs are weird enough, as an intellectual topic. To make the phenomenon a source for a mercenary windfall makes me a little sick.



  • Makes you sick, you say?

    What do you say about astrologers who flood our daily newspapers with totally useless predictions? And, in the UK anyway, ALWAYS have premium rate phone numbers to phone back on (to get the equally useless recorded message)?

    And what about fringe medicine promoters who can always find willing patients for their remedies, at a price?

    Fringe subjects do make money (though UFOs are probably a border-line case) because of a steady supply of willing believers. Actually I expect that most UFO writers & promoters nowadays do not make vast profits, but there are always the few who do.

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, June 06, 2016  

  • I thought, CDA, my comment about money corrupting everything covered the things you note.

    I know some people have need to earn income, and I don't begrudge them that opportunity.

    But when UFO people take a hobby, exploit the lore (past and new), to grab a few bucks they don't really need, I am aghast.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, June 06, 2016  

  • Interesting topic...I'm unaware who is actually making a decent living off of Web/blog ads. I recently read that things such as Google Ads where possibly drying up due to the pay for click formula reaching an over saturation point.

    As far as Frank Warren's site, true there are ads listed, but most of his side bars are lists of UFO related blogs and websites. To his credit, he even has a skeptics corner (my blog is listed there). I know that Frank will periodically have "fund" drive asking for donations to support the cost of keeping his site up and running which may show that the ads are not generating a lot of income. Despite this Frank has kept the UFO Chronicles up and running. I like Frank's site due to the large amount of information: news paper clips, and documents that has accumulated.

    As far as who is making any serious money in this area, I really don't have a clue.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Monday, June 06, 2016  

  • It's not so much the actual making of money I'm addressing, Tim, but the attempt to so, exploiting, or hoping to, the gullibility of UFO buffs, who are, indeed, a gullible lot -- many of them, not all.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, June 06, 2016  

  • If you want "unique and exhilarating new material about UFOs", read:


    And that is just a small sample!

    By Blogger Brian F, at Monday, June 13, 2016  

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