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Monday, July 18, 2016

Come on......be intelligent

Do you still think that Earth is a place that an advanced species would visit, as often as UFO reports indicate, when there are so many other places open to and inviting visitation?

And don't give me that "next door" argument; i.e., ETs close by, in The Milky Way, are the visitors.

A truly advanced alien species would traverse the Universe cataloging other life forms. and not spend so much time hovering around this hell-hole.



  • Quite simply, whilst I hope it is possible, the restrictions of c (my own personal obsession ;)) surely make it impossible for any life forms anywhere to traverse their own galaxy, let alone the universe.

    For that reason, and the ones you've outlined, I agree completely. And was thinking such when I saw that image the other day. (How many civilisations can there be in a [observed] universe of 100 billion galaxies?)

    By Blogger scherben, at Monday, July 18, 2016  

  • Scherben...

    As a sop to those who think ETs are visiting Earth and have been for millennia, I concede that there is a possibility that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, millions of years old, bored with their planet and life, could have stumbled upon our little planet during forays into the cosmos, but the odds for that are so great that it, for me is an improbability,

    And surely, no advanced civilization would keep reconnoitering Earth in the numbers reflected by UFO reportage. That would preclude the epithet "advanced."


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, July 18, 2016  

  • Again, I agree. As it stands, they appear happy to take 'Google Earth' style images (the only reason I can think of for flying through the atmosphere without landing); or sate an 'anal probe' fetish that makes me doubt they're here for the science...

    Or maybe they're so advanced it's impossible for us to understand why they're here.*

    *To avoid any doubt, I don't,of course, think they're here. The Null Hypothesis stands unfalsified; and it won't be any time soon.

    By Blogger scherben, at Monday, July 18, 2016  

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