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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gods, not ETs?

Ancient Aliens on The History Channel had a new show, 7/22/16, ravaging Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, which is okay with me. The show was entitled The Prototypes and recounted the many diverse species of mankind that don’t follow the Darwinian path of evolution.

One of the problems, for me, is the dopey characters – excluding my pal Nick Redfern – who narrate portions of each show: Childress, Wilcocks, Noory, et al. and the certitude that aliens are responsible for life on Earth and all that mankind has attained, somehow.

The primary problem is that AA theorists assume the ridiculous idea that aliens from afar have spent (and are spending) lots of time here [Earth] to abduct humans now and spent much of our historical time readapting human DNA or accelerating technical advances.

You know my views on alien intrusions: the Earth is such a forlorn, backwater in our galaxy and even more so the Universe itself that any advanced alien species allotting such inordinate time reconnoitering this planet and involving itself in its machinations would have to be insane, not advanced.

So, for me, one can rule out alien incursions via UFOs or anything else to explain odd occurrences in man’s evolutionary trek.

But then we are left with few other explanations for the bizarre artifacts and happenings that show up when one scrutinizes events and sightings of weird things in the sky and on the ground, as recounted by records and reports over the years and even today.

So, the AA scenario remains a viable but loony proposition.

Then we have the religious scenarios: God created all hat exists and has impacted human kind with His or Her psychopathic behavior. (God is nuts, as The Gnostics have it.)

But even then why would God, like ancient astronauts, spend so much time on this flawed domain?

Here’s one possibility:

The Church of the Latter Day Saints, Mormons, believe that men evolve as gods (the “exaltation”) and such men have control over portions of the Universe, and the god who supervises our part of the Universe has made it what it is:

“Latter-Day Saints do not believe that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are the only three gods there are. Rather, they believe in (though do not worship) a "plurality" of gods, gods without number, each one ruling his own creation. Thus, the three separate gods who rule our universe are finite in power—they sustain and govern only a tiny portion of all that exists.

“The other gods have either preceded or followed the Heavenly Father who organized our world. In fact, men living today on this planet will one day become gods of their own universes. As such, they will mate with heavenly wives, beget spirit children, populate new worlds, and receive the worship and obedience we are now expected to give to our particular, current God.”

This is just as palpable, maybe more so, that the AA theory or the God explanations of religious cults.

(Or we are in a “matrix” controlled by a madman or insane group of entities that could be assigned the sobriquet God.)

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  • I can't contribute to the discussion, but I can recommend two books I read recently:

    James R. Lewis (ed.): The Gods Have Landed: New Religions from Other Worlds (1995)

    Christopher Partridge (ed.): UFO Religions (2003)

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Thursday, July 28, 2016  

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