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Friday, July 29, 2016

I was worried about Kevin Randle (but not any longer)

Everyone knows I love Kevin Randle.....

But lately he's rehashing old UFO cases as if they were relevant. And now he's placed, at his blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com] a photo that allegedly shows an "alien" residing next to a "portal" (whatever that means):
The original photo as that of a sheep mutilation that housed, subliminally, a captured image (above) of a supposed extraterrestrial.

The whole photograph is copyrighted, so I can't show it, but you can see it at Kevin's blog where Kevin relates the story of how he came to see and now show the photograph. It's a cockeyed story.

As a few comments, by his followers indicate, presenting such nonsense is infuriating.

It's no wonder that sane, rational people (scientists among them) eschew the UFO topic.

Kevin, come back to us, buddy. Such things as this doesn't show you going off the deep-end, does it?

N.B. Kevin has updated his blog post, because some of us were baffled by it, missing his nuanced dismissal of the photo as an alien photograph.



  • Rich, my man -

    Of all people I thought you would understand this. In no way do I believe this is an actual alien and I thought I made that clear. The story was out there and before it got out of hand, I thought I would show the picture (remember the Roswell Slides) before speculation ran wild. I made it clear that no one had seen an alien when the pictures were taken and that the alien was the same as the Face on Mars... an optical illusion. In fact, in the blow up, it looks more like a rearing horse than an alien.

    This was a story with a solution. The mutilation was caused by predators or scavengers and the alien is an optical illusion. This was an attempt to end the story before it got internet traction.

    By Blogger KRandle, at Friday, July 29, 2016  

  • Phew....

    I missed the nuance apparently.

    I hate these kinds of alleged alien "photos" -- even when they are posted in jest.

    I shoulda known you're weren't gulled. Forgive me.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, July 29, 2016  

  • RR & Kevin:

    You were both gulled. It is a real alien - you know the kind that can make itself visible, invisible, or only partially visible whenever it wants.

    By Blogger cda, at Friday, July 29, 2016  

  • Rich -

    Because of your confusion, I updated the story to make it even clearer... and added a comment that explained it as well. If you were fooled into believing I thought this was an alien, then clearly the message had been lost.

    By Blogger KRandle, at Friday, July 29, 2016  

  • I've noted your emendation Kevin.

    But CDA may be on to something.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, July 29, 2016  

  • Greetings,



    Gilles Fernandez.

    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Friday, July 29, 2016  

  • Hahaha...Gilles.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, July 29, 2016  

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