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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Macro-Reality of Quantum and UFOs

An internet link from the Science web-site stresses the idea that some experimentation with neutrinos, and the measurement of them, could turn our concept of reality on its head:

And there’s this from that Science piece:

“Garg says he still hopes somebody will push the test he and Leggett devised as originally intended: to test whether realism holds for a truly macroscopic object. If it fails, our sense of reality really would go out the window.” [Bold print, mine]

I bolded the words above to dissuade readers here from going off on an errant tangent about quantum; that it doesn’t represent the macro-world, only the micro-world.

Science has been applying, for some time, quantum mechanics to the world we inhabit, the outer, “real” world of things that are bigger than the quantum world of quarks and particles that are below human perception.

(I’ve discussed this here and at the RRRGroup blog many times.)

The point of the Science article is that measurement affects reality, micro and macro. And experimentation with neutrinos – zero electric charge and (perhaps) zero mass – mimics, as I see it, the measurement of quantum artifacts, as indicated in the notable Schrödinger cat hypothesis.

That is, nothing is real (in the micro world and macro world) until it is measured, or observed, as I’ve insisted in previous postings here and elsewhere.

(I’ve used Marshall McLuhan’s idea’s about how reality is affected by the insertion of a camera or observer in a social setting.)

So, how does this pertain to UFOs?

UFOs, in the sky or on the ground, in all those exotic encounters, in the lore, are not real until they are observed (measured, as it were).

Do UFOs (and all those odd creatures reportedly seen outside a container of ship of some kind) exist before they are seen?

Maybe not.

This would mean that the observer, the measurer, creates the phenomenon, but from what?

Jung predicated, in his popular book, Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky, that flying saucers [UFOs] are projections from the psyche of those who see them.

That is somewhat how I see the quantum possibility, but there is more to it…

Persons spotting UFOs have a predilection of some kind – that predilection up for the debate I think – to see UFOs (or ghosts, Big Foot, and other paranormal entities).

The observations are not unlike the “reality” that encompasses what psychiatry calls schizophrenic delusions (which I see as real things, seen by adepts buggered by the idea that they are insane).

UFOs do not exist until someone sees them: pilots, farmers, truckers, Travis Walton, Betty Hill, Parker and Hickson, Lonnie Zamora, the Trents, Frank Mannor, et al.

Once observed (measured), UFOs become, like neutrinos in the article linked above, open to experimentation.

They [UFOs] become “tangible” and subject to radar detection, ground impressions (in the encounter cases), “accidental” harm (burns and probes), and “abductions” for those too adept!

Thus, UFOs are not real, until and unless they are measured (observed or perceived).

[Image used at opening, above, of posting from Octanis.org]



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