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Saturday, August 13, 2016

À la recherche du temps perdu (and UFOs)

With apologies to Marcel Proust, let me indulge in an observation or two….

At my Facebook Media page, where I cope with local news media staffers and radio personalities, I found a raft of camera photos taken by many of them at a KISS concert Friday [8/12].
TV newsies and radio deejays, plus a few newspaper journalists gathered for the concert, many dragging their children along.

Why do they do this, aside from enjoying the heavy metal music?

They are trying to re-live a time when they were younger – most are now 40 to 50 years old.

They hope to recapture a time that is lost to them but was, apparently a happier time or a memorable time.

This is also the modus for most UFO buffs; they try to re-capture the allure and excitement of that time when flying saucers or UFOs invigorated their imagination and curiosity.

For old-timers [me, CDA, Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman, et al.], the thrill that the phenomenon brought (as possible evidence of extraterrestrials) continues to enrapture us.

While most of us have abandoned the idea that UFOs are ET vehicles, we still yearn for that heady period when the possibility was rife.

We stick with the topic, often resorting to obsessive recall of those early sightings or events that sparked something transforming or transcendent in us: Ken Arnold’s vision, Roswell, Adamski’s Venusian, the Washington D.C. “invasion,” the Trent photos, the Hills episode, Socorro, et cetera.
We can’t get the thrill of those tales out of our heads, just as the local newsies here can’t get the long-lost thrill of KISS performances out of their heads and memory banks.

But it’s really time to move on, to forget the ET patina of UFOs, and hunker down to see what created the phenomenon and why it continues to fascinate, even showing up still, mysteriously and unaccountably, with no resolution in sight.

We can’t recapture our youth, with music or a re-iteration of classic flying saucer stories.

We may hope to do so, but as Proust’s masterpiece tells us, that time is lost, those remembrances are interred..

They only reside in the backwash of our lives.



  • RR,

    Great post on several points.

    On the concert, in cadence, but for we old rockers, it was called a 'DNA trip' where parents took their kids to a Grateful Dead concert back in the '80s. "Been there, got the T-Shirt."

    And, on topic, the dearth of viable UFOs, notably flying saucers, probably is a result of the net and these blogs as the hoodoo of UFOs is still greatly present on the net. The number of sites wit sensationalized fake sightings and their rehashing ad nauseam has brought to light the disappointing truth of the madness.

    A technological let down has occurred. There was the hope of viable documented discovery with digital camera phones in everyone's pockets but it was/is dashed with photoshop. Live by digital, die by digital.

    To me, this catharsis started with the disappointing National Institute of Discovery Science (What an impressive title!) that gave hope that disclosure was just around the corner -although the black triangle wave still bothers me some -but NIDS crashed and burned with the Skinwalker Ranch debacle.

    And just before the net there was also disappointment with the promise of OMNI Magazine.

    How's that for a trail of tears?


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Saturday, August 13, 2016  

  • > There was the hope of viable documented discovery with digital camera phones in everyone's pockets

    I thought that was a recent notion, but came across this a few days ago:

    "Considering the notorious camera-mindedness of Americans, it is surprising how few 'authentic' photos of Ufos seem to exist..."

    Carl Jung, Flying Saucers, 1958.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Monday, August 15, 2016  

  • From Jim teeters: you are so,so right I have watched this phenom since @ 1950. I remember being scared out of sleep by the original story/ picture of the Flatwoods Monster! That frisson, thrill, fear has long been absent. Lost time indeed.

    By Blogger Jim Teeters, at Tuesday, August 16, 2016  

  • As someone who has likewise been following the UFO phenomenon since the 1950s and whose musical interests predate the Beatles, one reason for the nostalgia is that (1) the music actually was better, and (2) the truth of the UFO phenomenon, if there is a truth, is likely to be found in the old reports. Something was occurring, before the phenomenon became buried in multiple layers of silliness, that is still worth thinking about. (Anyone who is nostalgic for KISS ... well, you need serious help. KISS is to rock what Billy Meier is to the UFO phenomenon.)

    By Blogger The Blathering Knave, at Tuesday, August 16, 2016  

  • Dear Knave...

    I'm with you 1000 per cent.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, August 16, 2016  

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