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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The odd MegaStructure [Tabby's Star] isn't a source for UFOs

Click HERE for recent information on Tabby's Star, that odd mega-structure that some (including cosmologists) see as an alien (intelligent) construct.

Of course, it's far away, and Earth is so inconsequential that one can't imagine an extraterrestrial civilization foraging or exploring for life in the hinterlands of space where we are.

(And remember, that we are receiving light from the "star" generated billions of years ago. Is the thing still extant?)



  • "(And remember, that we are receiving light from the "star" generated billions of years ago ..."

    The article clearly states that Tabby's star is located 1500 light years from Earth. Therefore the light we are receiving from the star was generated only 1500 years ago, not billions of years ago.

    Just thought you might want note the correction.

    I'm really sure how this is relevant to your hypothesis that Earth and it's planetary society would be of no interest to extraterrestrials. How many planetary societies exist in a 1500 light year radius from any given planet in our galaxy? How would such a society that is approaching a critical "tipping point" in their evolution not be of interest to intelligent beings from elsewhere in their galactic neighborhood? What could possibly be more complex and interesting to advanced extraterrestrials than such a disfunctional group of beings such as ourselves?

    By Blogger Dan B, at Saturday, August 27, 2016  

  • Dan B...

    Thanks for your comment. but 1500 light years isn't 1500 years.

    My view is, and has been, that if an alien civilization is visiting Earth or has visited Earth, it seems unlikely (to me) that such visitations wouldn't be in the droves (amounts) indicated by UFO sightings/reports.

    Such a extensive foray would be insane, not sensible, as one would expect from an advanced civilization.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, August 27, 2016  

  • I wasn't equating distance and time, but rather I was taking exception to your statement that implied that the light that Earth was receiving from Tabby's star was generated billions of years ago (an inaccuracy nontypical of your blog posts)

    From Wikipedia: As defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), a light-year is the distance that light travels in vacuum in one Julian year (365.25 days). Thus 1500 light-years is the distance that light travels in 1500 years. We do not see Tabby's star as it currently exists but as it existed 1500 years ago, the time it took light from the star to traverse the distance to us.

    The universe may be billions of years old, but only the most remote celestial objects are billions of light-years distant and only such objects have produced light that Earth is receiving that was generated billions of years ago. Tabby's star does not qualify as one of these objects.

    By Blogger Dan B, at Saturday, August 27, 2016  

  • Thank you Dan....

    I'll have to re-read the article. (I wasn't tuned in to the topic but thought readers here might like it.)

    When I ask google how far away KIC 8462852 is I get a lot of miles, Can you provide the parsec equivalence in miles to show how far away Tabby's Star actually is?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, August 28, 2016  

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