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Sunday, August 21, 2016

UFO Miracles?

I’m reading Lives and Miracles by Gregory of Tours [Edited and translated by Giselle de Nie, Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 2015].

Gregory of Tours was a Frankish Prelate who lived from 538 to 594 A.D. and you can read about him via Wikipedia:

Gregory recounted in several volumes the “saints” of his time and the (alleged) miracles they performed.

The “miracles” are, in my estimation, are like those of Jesus of Nazareth, a pathetic lot, mostly tales of cured illnesses and madness, along with reclamations of “dead” flora and punishments laid upon those who committed evil deeds by acts from Heaven or God: sudden deaths or vile illnesses.

No one brought a tree from the ground in a flash nor did anyone create a building from scratch in a moment of time.

The “miracles” are rather shabby, often the result of natural occurrences that sometimes take place without divine intervention. No one parted the Red Sea, nor raised a person from the dead, although Jesus bringing Lazarus from his (Lazarus’) tomb can be explained, perhaps by a medical etiology.
My point is that miracles need to be miracles: an extraordinary event that belies natural or physical laws as we know them.

In the UFO chronology there are no miracles either.

We have a few mythic tales – Roswell, the Hill’s “abduction,” Socorro, Travis Walton’s “kidnapping” -- but nothing resembling an extraordinary event, witnessed by credible others.

The primary UFO tales that hold our interest are made up of confabulations, hysteria, outright fraud, and human misperceptions. None have the weight of evidence that makes them stand out from prosaic happenings, like those events recounted by Gregory of Tours, who read into mundane activity, natural, often only unusual activity, intervention by God or his Son.

Those UFO tales that continue to resonate have a patina of myth like those of Heracles [Hercules] or Beowulf, a lot of foo-faw but nothing so fantastic that it could be called special or extraordinary.

Many have fallen into disrepute – Rendlesham (the Brit attempt to have its own “Roswellian incident’) – or disinterest – The Phoenix Lights and Stephenville.

There are no miracles, and no extraordinary flying saucer/UFO events, in the literature or held in secret files by governmental militaries. None.



  • You sound very sure of your negative views.

    Do you believe the atom has a nucleus? This has been the "objective" view of science for over 100 years. It is "proven truth" and surely cannot be wrong. But then someone questions this model of the atom.

    The article is "An Atom or a Nucleus?" It takes the position that the thing that has virtually all the mass of the atom, and which accounts for all the properties of the atom, is actually the atom itself, not some sort of "nucleus" of something. This goes contrary to what we have been taught for the past 100 years. Even the THOUGHT of questioning this model is heretical.

    If we are wrong about an objective thing like this in physics, we could be wrong about A LOT of things.

    And you likewise.

    By Blogger Brian F, at Wednesday, August 24, 2016  

  • Brian F...

    I'm positing views of a quasi-theological nature, about miracles, per se.

    Note the heading of this blog: Conjectures....not truths or wisdom or certitude -- conjectures, with which you and others can disagree as you seem to, almost.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 24, 2016  

  • Miracles? They are liable to fall short of altering the ground beneath our feet or providing something physically tangible.

    It's this reliance upon, and promotion of, faith that irks. Different religious denominations promote the values of miracles and what do they amount to? Or, as you point out, ufology has borne a burden of 'miracle' encounters with humanoids and spiritual entities. If you remember, the Valensole encounter included a whispered secret and what might that have been?

    If miracles are intended to be 'teachable moments' for humanity, perhaps new management plans are due? An echelon flight of angels being escorted by lower ranks playing the trumpets would be an agreeable miracle. Especially if it was captured on radar, in film and witnessed by notable skeptics.

    Saying that, the connotation of angels existing would be their unpleasant counterparts. Who would want that?

    Perhaps ironically, I sometimes find the lack of tangibilities reassuring. At other times, in similar moods, I consider the likelihood that there's nothing but us on this planet, no 'realms,' no afterlife and nothing out there either. It's somehow emotionally excoriating. My mind's eye pans out across the stars and I'm not sure if I like the sense that we're all there is.

    By Blogger Kandinsky, at Thursday, August 25, 2016  

  • Oh Kandinsky...

    Some will say we are pessimistic in the extreme and sour, but I think we're realistic in the extreme.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 25, 2016  

  • What I always wonder is why a creator or miracles seem to bother some people so much. With even a rudimentary knowledge of physics, conservation of energy, law of entropy etc, it seems obvious that the universe is a construct. And as such, must have a creator. Like any construction, a bicycle or house for instance, the creator is above or "more than" the creation. That said, I have no problem with atheists or skeptics, but I have yet to have one explain to me how something you do not believe in can bother you. I don't believe in Peter pan, but I'm not out there protesting against a peanut butter company. My life continues in serene bliss, Peter pan or not.

    By Blogger esp.philbrook, at Thursday, August 25, 2016  

  • Yes, esp.philbrook...

    There seems to be an "intelligence" behind reality -- sometimes malicious but still "thoughtful."

    And that some are incensed by the possibility is odd.

    Jesus' maxim about turning the other cheek wasn't about a slap or hit but a dictum to ignore one's enemies. Atheists, and agnostics, like me, shouldn't get so worked up about the idea that there is a God.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 25, 2016  

  • Thank You! Between You and I, all is well! Easy isn't it? Only a few billion on all sides to go. I will drink a toast to the void tonight, confident that my creator will take no offense. Cheers!!

    By Blogger esp.philbrook, at Thursday, August 25, 2016  

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