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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Gene Steinberg's plight

Paracast founder and long-time UFO buff, Gene Steinberg has had a rough year, during which he has had to ask for help from his friends and the UFO community.

And those friends and community have come through for him, in spades, providing monies allowing him to get out of his housing crisis and keeping his head above water. God bless them.

But Gene now needs money for food and other vicissitude of life and continues to implore UFO people for help.

Yet, he wrote this in his latest pleas:

"I do not want to ever repeat that experience. The process only caused more stress that made my back condition worse. At least my chiropractor was kept busy."


My chiropractor, and others I've sought for my own back pain, are pricey, very much so.

I didn't spend money for a back adjustment, and I can afford to do so. The cost was absurdly prohibitive.

Gene undercuts his crisis with such insight.

I hope he gets the help he needs, for his back and financial plight, however....



  • Is this the same Gene Steinberg who once produced a magazine called Caveat Emptor? I think I still have some old issues of it.

    I seem to recall some previous hardship pleading from him (on your blog or someone else's?), but others wrote in saying it was either his own fault or there was something fishy about it.

    Is he in genuine hardship and how exactly did this arise? Or am I getting too inquisitive? Didn't Richard Hall once get into financial stress? It is difficult to react to these tales without knowing the full background. Of course we have similar hardship in the UK, but the charities generally help a lot, although they can never possibly cover everything. There are so many charities nowadays - I hear of new ones literally every day.

    If you can enlighten us, please do.

    By Blogger cda, at Friday, September 09, 2016  

  • Here's Mr. Steinberg's latest plea:


    I’m 71 today.

    I should feel lucky. My brother barely made it through his early 60s, and my mom only lasted through her early 70s. My father died just shy of his 79th birthday, so perhaps I have a reasonable amount of time left.

    It hasn’t been easy in recent years. At a time when I should be able to sit back, relax and enjoy my golden years, each day is a constant struggle for survival.

    Aside from a chronic back ailment, I’m in reasonably good shape, and do not need to take any medications. My blood pressure remains normal.

    So I’m able to work every day to try to put food on the table, but options for senior citizens aren’t very lucrative.

    As I wrote a earlier this month, we were lucky to find a place to live. With your help, some ad deals and subscriptions to The Paracast+ and Tech Night Owl+, I was barely able to raise the money.


    My wallet is empty. My bank account is empty. We were forced to move because the landlord sold our previous home and was allowed to order us to leave. Extra unplanned expenses really hurt.

    I am struggling to pay for groceries, Barbara’s meds, which are costly even with insurance coverage and the coverage itself. She put off needed surgery until we were in our new home, but her symptoms have only grown worse. If you want more information, please write.

    I couldn’t have gotten this far without the generous assistance of my readers and listeners. I will never forget your generosity.

    But if you can help me further to get over this hump, please do what you can."

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, September 09, 2016  

  • A chiropractor prohibitively expensive? Not here. It's covered by Medicare.


    By Blogger Gene Steinberg, at Friday, September 16, 2016  

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