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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Another (better?) way to decipher the Ramey Memo

French UFO skeptic Gilles Fernandez thinks that the VISAR program I proposed to decipher the Roswell Ramey memo may not be able to do what I suggested, and he may be right.

VISAR used, in the Science Channel airing, a sequence of video frames to overlay imagery in such a way as to clean up the innate blurriness of the video being scrutinized.

(Nevertheless, I think the program is worth a try.)

But, again, let me emphasize that there are a number of programs that might be sought out to decipher the memo, if anyone (David Rudiak?) really wants to know what the Ramey memo "says."

Here's an item about a passage from a burnt segment of The Dead Sea Scrolls that Biblical researchers used to read the corrupted copy:
A burnt ancient scroll found in 1970 has finally been deciphered thanks to advanced digital technology. Four and a half decades after its discovery, the scroll was recently revealed to contain a passage from the Book of Leviticus. Excavated from the Torah ark of a Byzantine-period synagogue at Ein Gedi in Israel, the scroll had been victim to a fire that raged through the entire village. The scroll is considered to be the oldest Hebrew Bible scroll discovered since the Dead Sea Scrolls. Furthermore, the discovery represents the first time a Torah scroll has been excavated from an ancient synagogue.

The article about his may be read by clicking HERE.



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