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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Absurdity of UFOs: A Philosophical Underpinning

The “great” philosopher Søren Kierkegaard [1813-1855] was nuts; slightly schizophrenic as I see it.

A new book about him Kierkegaard: Exposition and Critique by Daphne Hampson [Oxford University Press] is reviewed by Peter E. Gordon (the Amabel Professor of History at Harvard) appears in the November 10th, 2016 issue of The New York Review of Books: Kierkegaard’s Rebellion [Page 21 ff.].

The review lists many of Kierkegaard’s works, published under his proffered pseudonyms; e.g., Vigilius Haufniensis, Johannes de Silentio,Anti-Climacus, and Hilarius Bookbinder.

(Like internet avatars, such attributions by people bespeak a schizoid personality, no matter how cute or witty one thinks their usage to be. See various categories of pseudo-inspired mental malfunctions in the Psychiatric Dictionary, Fourth Edition, Hinsie/Campbell, Page 597 ff.)

What trips up Kierkegaard for me is his antipathy, as Professor Gordon writes, of Hegel’s philosophical plea(s) for reason, as the necessary arbiter of human ethics and morality.

The example cited in the review by Professor Gordon is Kierkegaard’s defense of Abraham in his (Kierkegaard’s) Fear and Trembling: A Dialectical Lyric, thought by Professor Gordon to be Kierkegaard’s “most famous work.”  [Page 22, NYRB]

Kierkegaard extols Abraham’s willingness to kill his son Isaac at the command of God: the “Akedah” of the Hebrew Bible (your Old Testament).

The magnificent Renaissance painter Caravaggio’s work The Sacrifice of Isaac [1602] pictures the alleged Biblical event:
Kierkegaard writes that Abraham is obeying a command that supersedes reason; the acceptance of a divine calling that, for most of us, shows the barbarism of God and Abraham’s willingness to go along with that barbarism, noted by Professor Gordon in a listing of others who took and take issue with Kierkegaard’s obtuse reasoning.

(For me, Abraham hearing God asking him to sacrifice Isaac is a classic example of hallucinatory schizophrenia, with which Kierkegaard would identify, himself afflicted likewise.)

Now, what does this have to do with UFOs, you ask….

Those who see (or saw) flying saucers/UFOs, and especially those who had encounters with “beings” that debarked from them and sometimes interacted with those “witnesses,” had a delusion not unlike that of Hebrew/Islamic Patriarch Abraham.

Abraham’s delusion was of a significant kind whereas UFO witnesses’ delusions are of a lesser kind, pretty much, but still delusional in essence.

The sine qua non of such delusions is their absurdity. They appear to be ludicrous on the face of it, and they are. They come from addled minds.

Surely such madness seems rare, but it isn’t. There is a proficient core of such absurdities in everyday life (something I deal with at another blog).

Even UFO sightings, with many attendant witnesses or more than one, can be explained psychiatrically by variations in the folie à … categories.

Kierkegaard’s philosophy is housed (based) in his personal mental malfeasances, as one can see by reading about his life and struggles with everyday commitments and exigencies, just like those of the common man or woman who thinks they see a UFO or have contact with flying saucer beings.

(And don’t get me started again with purported UFO abductees/experiencers.)



  • Nonsense!..Where does this leave you,with having seen UFO sightings, yourself???........?

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Friday, October 28, 2016  

  • I don't exempt myself from psychotic episodes ,Daniel, and I certainly don't exempt ufologists!


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 28, 2016  

  • I'm taken back,Rich, by your honest reply! Wasn't expecting it, wow!

    OK, Soooo, We conclude from this, you mean: "SOME" sightings? But not all!.......?

    This is important, because many people around the world, don't take this "UFO topic" that seriously, all because of comments & words like: "psychotic,or delusional" and/or related topics associated with Ufology..A classic way to debunk sightings, "like" yours & mine!?

    The world of us,is not perfect, granted! but we live with one another,in the best way we can, with respect & understanding, where possible. With this in mind, the question still remains: What is it,we are seeing, ..."for REAL?"... Why? & from where?................

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Friday, October 28, 2016  

  • Daniel:

    Each sighting may be unique and investigated without pre-conceived notions.

    Your questions are pertinent:

    " ... the question still remains: What is it,we are seeing, ..."for REAL?"... Why? & from where?"


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 28, 2016  

  • I'd like to hear Daniel explain why he thinks his failure to understand a bright moving light in the sky is in any way significant. Near Earth-crossing asteroids are a fact and are commonly seen from somewhere on Earth fairly often. Even more common are random glassy, carbonaceous or metal objects from the solar system-wide meteoritic complex.

    "There are 240 known Apollos (Minor Planet Center), but it is believed that there are at least 2000 Earth-crossers with diameters of 1 km or larger, 100,000 larger than the Rose Bowl, and 70-80 million larger than a typical house."


    By Blogger zoamchomsky, at Saturday, October 29, 2016  

  • The significance in our view, Zoamchomsky, was that our sighting of this object, had "no trail" of anything behind it, as you would expect to see, from those things you've described, no tail! in other words! Just as round as a ball. There was nothing which indicated an object, burning up in the atmosphere, at all! So what are you to think?

    You maybe right! but sorry! you weren't there to make this judgement, back in the late sixties. OK?................

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Tuesday, November 01, 2016  

  • I think just what I said. Near Earth Objects and Earth-crossing asteroids are seen regularly. They are not in the atmosphere so don't have tails, and they appear round because they generally are roundish and can be spinning so appear even more rounded. But mostly it's because the human eye can't resolve a small asteroid--even a mile across--from hundreds of miles away. All you really see is the reflected light from a small source that is traveling thousands of miles per hour and arcs across the sky in less than a minute.

    In 1969 there were 61 recorded sightings, and in 2001 there were 50206! It doesn't matter what year your sighting was or who did or didn't witness it, NEOs are an astronomical fact. And when someone describes what sounds like a NEO, then it most likely was a NEO.

    So what's the significance of that? Not much. You saw a common object that you didn't understand and that event became the basis for a false belief in some unknown haunting the sky. A brush with the cosmic mystery in a hunk of rock.


    By Blogger zoamchomsky, at Friday, November 04, 2016  

  • Thanks, Zoamchomsky, Its something to consider, AND HAVE, but we are still haunted by that hunk of cosmic rock, as you put it:)..and what IF?.. considering, that UFO means an unidentified object!..[Unidentified,yeah?].. and should NOT be ruled out, on an assumption "either way"..There is no solution.. either it was, or it wasn't..we are stuck with that, but also, UFO reports in the thousands, can not all be from ignorance alone, something is going on, and we are paying attention..................

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Tuesday, November 15, 2016  

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