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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Deconstruction of UFO Notables

Celebrities and public figures control their images, if they care about success.

Millennial “stars” and some outliers don’t give a damn: Kanye West, for example, or wannabes, who are striving for recognition no matter what privacy they have to sacrifice.

The truly greats don’t share or provide personal aspects of their lives, they never have.

But in my circle of acquaintances I see a wholesale proclivity by some to display almost everything that makes up their being, private and public.

In my UFO circle, there are two people who have sacrificed personal identity, mostly in their Facebook addiction.

(And one friend allows comments at his blog that demean his credibility and legacy, something I don’t let happen here. If someone wants to debase me, they have to do it in venues far away.)

But the Facebookers aren’t belittled by others, they belittle themselves with disclosure of shortcomings, physical flaws, and bizarre behavior.

The successful UFO notables remain private, almost mysterious, letting their work and writings speak for them, something that noted, “famous” persons learned to do long ago.

I’m saddened to see once articulate, intelligent UFO personages lost to ufology because they now see attention to their banal personal lives as the reason for living.

These aren’t millennials who have a chance to correct their wayward demeanors later on then they approach mid-life. The person’s I’m referring to are already at mid-life and desperate to leave a mark, destroying any chance of that by giving away their mystique for a short-lived Facebook “like” or “congrats.”

We, in the UFO milieu, are now surrounded by lesser lights who neither know what they are ruminating about nor care that they are amidst a nothingness of being, me among them.

But that’s not as pathetic as Facebookers showing their underwear to other asses who don’t really give a fig about anything but a need to connect with someone or something just to prove to themselves they are still alive, and (delusionally) relevant.



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