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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Two perspectives on Earthlings and Earth plus a picture of a MUFON gathering


  • Carl Sagan, "WOULD" make a statement like this, wouldn't he? considering he has a lot to do with space exploration.If he believes this,what do you think he's likely to fined, out there? Nothing? Come on, we could find nothing in our own Deserts,if it came to that.Its about looking in the right places,considering cost & time spent. A smart mind though, he might have us believe this statement,while something else is going on.

    Stephen Hawking,on the other hand,if I remember correctly, gave a warning that we should be very careful,and just listen & probe space for extraterrestrials. Not to draw attention to ourselves, but you know, I think its too late for that,their already here! and "Congress" holds that information in the Citizen's hearing on ETs/UFO.

    Stephen Hawking, saying: [We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet]

    What? 0.0

    Well, he might be right, but might it not be around the other way? That, in ancient time loooong ago,we came from else where, to Earth, and then the monkey business! Ooh! dear!

    We are without hair on the body, as land dwellers! Why? except for sensitive Outstanding area's in nature. This to me, seems very "deliberate" as in: "intelligent design!?"
    So we cover up with cloths, and now, has become a fashion parade.

    Need we say more?.............

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Tuesday, October 18, 2016  

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