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Friday, October 21, 2016

UFOs and ETs are unsocial, not team oriented

I’m reading The Social Conquest of Earth by Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard Professor Edward O. Wilson, who is an expert on evolution and insect societies.
You know my fascination with ants, bees, and other insects that create and live in communities that rival those of humanity.

(Of course, most everyone thinks that such creatures derive their life-styles by way of instinct. I think there’s more to it than that. Instinct is a kind of thoughtful, intelligent behavior, and I believe Professor Wilson might back me up on that.)
But that for another time….

My perusal of the book and other work by Professor Wilson made me realize UFOs and alleged encounters with “beings” that occasionally debark from craft described as UFOs act not in unison with other UFOs or have team members alongside them when they are found landed on the ground.

Social insects (like those noted) work in unison and for common goals.
But UFOs never work (or rarely do) in tandem. The bevy of “flying saucers” reported by Kenneth Arnold in 1947 seemed to be flying in formation and with co-operative intent.
But not those captured on film by Delbert Newhouse in 1952 over Tremonton, Utah nor any of those cited and filmed over Mexico, UFOs splattered in the sky, willy-nilly.
And how often have UFO encounters been reported where creatures or humanoids have been accompanied by a second or third UFO that “lands” with team-members to help scour for flora or fauna?
You might argue that Earth’s astronauts went to the Moon solo and will probably go to Mars without a partner ship or ships containing others.

But UFOs are purportedly from advanced civilizations, traversing the Universe or our galaxy, looking to examine Earthlings or the substances of Earth.
If such were the case, they’d hardly arrive solo. That would be dangerous and ETs are supposed to be intelligently “advanced.”

Even Earth’s “secretive” military units, such as SEALS (and others) are supported by concomitant forces operating covertly but close enough to provide technical backup even if they are not in proximity with a unit that is about to undertake a mission.

Of course, the idea of “motherships” escorting UFOs and their crews might answer my skepticism, but where are the supposed motherships nowadays? They have disappeared into the ether of UFO sightings, just as the onslaught of “beings” have disappeared from UFO reports/sightings.
Human behavior, like insect behavior, is social in nature, whereas UFO behavior is not.

That’s a flaw in the UFO ET believers’ pronouncement, unless you can come up with an alternative conjecture.



  • Interesting, Rich. But the alternative conjecture, as you have so expertly noted, is that we are dealing with AI and not flesh-and-blood aliens. And for that conjecture, we don't need UFOs traveling together or "cooperating." All we need is demonstrable proof of "intelligence", say, evasive behavior when confronted with some perceived "threat." And there is much of this in the UFO literature if we take the time to look.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Friday, October 21, 2016  

  • Yes, Dominick, an AI explanation works for the solo forays.

    I was trying to diminish the ET scenario which continues to seem irrational to me, even as it remains a possibility, admittedly.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 21, 2016  

  • Human behavior,like insect behavior,is social in nature, Yes! and so too, might the UFO occupancy. After-all, who made the craft they move around in, at high speed!? Would not there need to be, a social infrastructure in order, to build the craft,or at least to build the technology that builds the craft, likened to, if you will, ants & Bees or Humans!? Social in nature!? I think there would be a need for Social structure, just to get things done, a Social need for cooperation, to come together "as one mind" & build!

    Even though, their distance from one another, can be far apart,they still would consider their distance, as being close! Their technology of "instantaneous speed" makes this possible.

    Look at our world today,we can be the other side of the world, "in a day & a bit" this brings us all closer together, so in one sense, the world is a smaller place than it ever used to be.................

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Friday, October 21, 2016  

  • To follow your scenario, Daniel, I would think you'd see an anti-social, or non-social patina to such "activity" -- for such phenomena.

    This argues for the AI scenario or phenomenal canard, as proposed by Jose Caravaca's Distortion Theory of Jacque Vallee's concepts.

    The "association by distance" makes my point: unsocial behavior, not even instinctual behavior like that of insects (or animals migrating). Even plants co-operate for survival/existence as I've noted in posts here.

    There's something amiss in UFO sightings, in the air and on the ground. You don't wish to see it.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 21, 2016  

  • The only difference in our opinion, in not agreeing, is, You have not witnessed a UFO whereas, I have!..I know what I saw. I know they exist,and we ARE talking, about UFO sightings,not its occupants (ETs)....The "AI.craft" mayn't have an ET.occupancy, therefore appearing to be anti-social or non-social, but even the "AI.craft" begs the question: Who or what made it, and where did it come from? What kind of social order, sends these craft around our planet, for all to see!..if we're looking up!?...............

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Saturday, October 22, 2016  

  • Daniel..

    You are too recent to this blog to know I've had three UFO sightings, each delineated here many times.

    But none indicated a social order, while one, a v-formation group, indicated a kind of design for flight.

    Yet, I'd never presume to think or write that the sightings were of things from outside the Earth.

    You seem to want to believe that what you saw was exotic, and maybe it was, but that's all you can say rationally.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, October 22, 2016  

  • Arrrr!..Good for you, Rich!:)...We're on the same page then, when it comes to understanding a sighting of UFO..."Exotic?"...What else might you call these sightings, but, "EXOTIC" When you and I both know,that what we have seen, is like nothing else,we have ever seen that can be accounted for, from which we are familiar with.

    In my case,the sighting was Orange in colour,Sparkling,very large,& no sound associated with it.No tail! just round.I had witnesses, as baffled as I was.We never thought of it as being something exotic, but I suppose you might call it that.This object was travelling from "west to east" faster than a satellite, but slower than aircraft. The sighting was back in the late sixties,and we've been hooked ever since,on this subject,as boring as some, might feel. If we had never had this sighting, maybe we would be just as uninterested, as anyone could be, this can make all the difference in conversation.
    -- 0 --
    OK! You say,you would never presume to think or wright, that the sightings, were of things from outside the Earth.
    -- 0 --
    Well, Why not Rich?..The astronauts had their UFO sighting in 1969 out there, on the way to the moon,as well as on the moon, Should NASA. have never sent them? Were they delusional? I don't think so!:]............

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Sunday, October 23, 2016  

  • Yes, Daniel, he astronauts had sightings if weird things, but that's it....they were just weird things, not alien space craft.

    I don't rule out the idea that extraterrestrials may have visited us or are visiting us, but the probability, in context of the vastness of the Universe and all the more interesting places than Earth, rules out alien forays here for me.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, October 23, 2016  

  • Daniel;

    The Apollo 11 astronauts determined that what they were seeing after leaving Earth was one of four panels that covered the LEM. Only by the random mechanics of separation and gravitational dynamics did one panel continue in the path of the LEM and command module assembly toward the Moon.

    They watched it through a small telescope but could not resolve it, but they could see it tumbling and spinning well enough--and knowing they had jettisoned the panels--that they could reasonably conclude the object was one of the panels.

    And during debriefing they recount the episode and state flatly that they were at first puzzled by its appearance but concluded while they were watching exactly what it had to be, a panel.

    Whatever "'UFO' on the Moon" fairy tale you've heard is completely that, a fiction made up by "UFO" writers to sell trashy flying-saucer books.


    By Blogger zoamchomsky, at Friday, November 04, 2016  

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