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Sunday, November 06, 2016

A Daniel Yang-Clark comment

"Wouldn't it be more shrewd, to enhance the positive things of life, rather than to negate the negative. Your blog has gone quiet!"

Daniel's observation is interesting. 

I do engender a negative patina here. But adding inquiry or positive postings, such as the recent request for any feedback about an obscure Kenneth Arnold film of "saucers" and a notation about memory metal indicated in a controversial Adamski 8mm film, doesn't bring commentary and I'll tell you why....

UFO buffs still engaged in the phenomenon are, generally, those who believe in the ETH, the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

There are readers/visitors to this blog...
But they aren't the once former, intelligent group that used to exchange views here and elsewhere (at Kevin Randle's blog for instance).

The skeptical few, except for Zoam Chomsky, have departed UFO circles, mostly for Facebook visibility.

What's left are the fantasizers, those who think or want UFOs to be alien spaceships.

I could try and cater to that delusional group but that would be like selling my soul to the devil.

So, here we are, with visitors maybe even readers, looking over my sputum, without any kind of response.

As I replied to Daniel. I have other blogs that keep me vital, and there's always Facebook, where interaction, admittedly of a dopey kind, is available for a witty twit or two.

I often get feedback from authors or reviewers of items discussed here, although they would never make a public comment in a UFO blog. That would be so degrading, for them.

UFOs, as a vital or intellectual topic, and ufology are dying, as I, and others, take the time to note.

That's the truth of things, and if I get little or no commentary here, so be it.

One can't dance for the great unwashed and hope for a few coins of thanks.



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