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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Humanoid Encounters?

I’ve often mentioned Albert S. Rosales’ Human Encounters: The Others Amongt Us books; his series, usually by half-decade, of alleged encounters with alien beings, usually accompanied by a strange craft.

The books are published by Trangulum and I have the 2000-2009 book, copyright 2015, with others on my Amazon Wish List.

Each book has hundreds of “witness accounts” that describe people confronted by or confronting strange entities, the reports coming from various sources, some credible (web-sites and blogs with a good reputation), some without bona fides (obscure media, bizarre web-sites and blogs, and unknown individuals).

Each account is fascinating, whether one believes the story told or not.

Even if one discounts all the stories as bogus, one is left with the conundrum of why such stories are presented in the number they are.

Who would make up a tales as bizarre as those offered? Some examples [excerpts]:

[A woman in Brazil, 2001 had] “direct telepathic contact with a short humanoid with dark skin and large black eyes that exited a small disk-shaped object with small window-like apertures that briefly landed on her farm.” [Source Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE.ET. Page 71]

“A pharmaceutical products salesman was returning [home] along a deserted road when he noticed … in the middle of the roadway an object resembling a shiny pear that was resting on three metallic legs and two individuals standing on [sic] a nearby field.” … He approached the two strange figures … One [of whom] walked away and entered  the shiny pear-shaped craft. [The salesman] “knowing these men were ‘not from this earth’ asked if the remaining humanoid needed any assistance. The humanoid answered and appeared genuinely happy as to [the] offer … but said that everything was in order … [then] said ‘Humans don’t know what they have. Where we come from we don’t have such beautiful scenes, they disappeared a long time ago.’

“The astounded witness [asked] the humanoid where he was from and was told they hailed from another dimension. [Italics mine]

“The witness described the humanoids as about 2.50 meters in height, wide chests and heavy set, thin legs, [with] generally human features, but somewhat ‘refined’ … the suits were very tight fitting made of an apparent synthetic material resembling plastic. Their eyes were very light almost white and their speech was hesitant & accented.” [Source J.M. Garcia, Francisco Padron, Spain. Page 92]

The books are rife with such tales (reports?), all equally surreal or more so.

Are such accounts hallucinatory in nature? Made up stories by persons needing attention?

Or are (some of) the accounts actual experiences?

You know I discount interplanetary visitations, in the amounts indicated by the plethora of alleged alien sightings reported over the years, extraterrestrials unlikely to show up in the numbered droves UFO lore has accumulated, even if Earth is a kind of zoo where species here are exhibited for outer space tourists – a view being regurgitated in some UFO circles once more.

If the tales are hallucinations, then humans are demented in numbers that should make us “normal” types cautious to interact with others.

If the stories are fictive, then many humans are sociopaths peddling nonsense in amounts that stagger the imagination(s) of “normal” people, even Sci-Fi writers.

If the accounts are actual experiences, from beings outside our Universe or dimension, then we “normal” types would have to rethink our reality in new, unnerving ways.

No matter what the Rosales' listings portray, we are amidst oddities that border madness of one kind or another.



  • Interesting post. I, too, have wondered these encounters. Although I don´t subscribe to the ET hypothesis, I think it´s pretty wild to think that all these stories of meeting with aliens are just hallucinations, psychological weirdness, misunderstandings or just plain hoaxes. And even if it was just a psychological reaction to some external stimuli, wouldn´t it be very interesting to know what it was? (Conspiracy theory: maybe CIA knows all this but doesn´t tell because they want to keep it as their mind-controlling secret and don´t want to tell anyone that they actually don´t know anything more about ufos than any ufologist?)
    A bit off topic, but I consider the ufos as a very real phenomenon though it´s hard to investigate scientifically (you can´t make ufos appear in laboratories, after all). On the other hand, they seem to be quite hallucinatory even if they sometimes leave some physical remains (like ghosts, monsters and angels). What I think is interesting is the question that is there some kind kind of intelligence behind these happenings or is it just some kind of mental reflex to some weird stimuli. OK, I don´t think we will know for some time, so it´s good to speculate : )

    By Blogger Jerry Cornelius, at Thursday, November 17, 2016  

  • Some think, as you know, Jerry, that the the intelligence behind such happenings is the matrix-master.

    It could even be God or his counterpart....


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, November 17, 2016  

  • RR -and Jerry,

    If only one of these many is true it defines a discovery and the the paradigm shift awaited by many.

    Indeed the problem is that UAPs as phenomena can't be reproduced at will. If dear SETI succeeds and we find that 'they' are out there the problem for scientific follow up will still remain but the discovery will allow the scientific folk to work without ridicule currently assaulting those already interested but in the closet of today's academia.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Friday, November 18, 2016  

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