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Thursday, November 03, 2016

The Devil is (often) in the [UFO] Details

Robbie Graham is one of those writers who, while presenting a topic in one of his books, (such as in his current Silver Screen Saucers), includes asides and details that are little known or substantive to the topic in ways that are subliminally profound.

For example in the book noted, on Page 92 ff., in Delightful Encounters, where Robbie is offering background on George Adamski, he reminds readers of Adamski’s alleged meeting in the desert with Orthon, his Venusian contact, in November 1952:  the “beautiful small craft” … “landed about half mile from” where Adamski was standing, then “he [Adamski] noticed a man [Orthon] standing about a quarter of a mile away, motioning for him [Adamski] to approach.”

(This from Adamski and Desmond Leslie’s Flying Saucers Have Landed.)

Robbie lets the obvious slide by without comment, but astute readers will see that Orthon’s ship landed quite a way from Adamski and Orthon himself debarked a quarter of a mile away from his ship and beckoned Adamski to approach.

Thus, Adamski, who would have been 61 years old at the time, had to be rather spry to make a suitable approach to his “visitor” who was a quarter mile away.

And Adamski’s eyesight had to be impeccable to see his “visitor” beckoning to him from that distance, and just as remarkably that Adamski clearly saw his “visitor’s ship” when it landed a half-mile from him.

But that isn’t my point here; everyone knows the folly of the tale.

Robbie allows some credence to Adamski’s enriched contact stories and states on Page 94 that “evidence exists which, if looked at dispassionately, casts at least some of his claims in a more believable light."

Robbie then gives an account of film footage shot by Adamski on February 27th, 1965 outside the house of a friend, Madeline Rodeffer.

The film was 8mm and black and white – some of you have seen portions of it on YouTube or a TV show about Adamski.
Robbie writes  that the footage shows “ … a classic bell-shaped flying saucer (precisely matching his earlier description of Orthon’s Scoutcraft) outside Rodeffer’s home in Silver Spring, Maryland.”

Robbie gives the details about the saucer’s maneuvers, reporting, on Page 95, this:

“The most curious aspect of the footage is what can only be described as a distortion effect, seemingly caused by … a ‘force field’ surrounding the object. In several frames of the film, the flange of the saucer visibly droops, as if liquid metal, before returning to its original shape … [Italics mine]

“How Adamski could have created this morphing effect in 1965 using an 8mm home movie camera has never been accounted for by any of [Adamski’s] detractors.”

Click HERE for a YouTube debunking of the footage

Click HERE for an analysis of the footage

What registered with me was the “flange … drooping like liquid metal” and re-positioning itself.

A former contributor to this blog provided a raft of postings about “memory metal” (supposedly from the Roswell crash) as studied by Battelle.

The liquid metal reference by Robbie Graham is just one of many asides/comments in his book that take us further into commonly known UFO tales.



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