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Sunday, November 06, 2016

The great “intelligence” has a fixation that UFO ETs do not have, it seems…

The idea that a super intelligence is operating a matrix, a computer simulation we are all encapsulated in is a topic rife with science right now and one I find fascinating, as you know.

But I’d make the term “super intelligence” concise and call it God.

And I’m keenly aware that God (or the supposed super intelligence) has had and has an addiction to procreation, for all the life-forms on Earth.

Watching nature shows, such as some of David Attenborough’s various BBC series or the often PBS output that centers on insect and sea-life along with the varietal existences of mammalian life or even plant life, I’m forever shocked, shocked I tell you, at the emphasis on the massive, time-consuming efforts for species to procreate.

Sure, it’s an aspect of “survival of the fittest” co-joined with the need(s) for food and water.

But the overwhelming desire is for species to mate.

Freud’s psychoanalytic etiology was and is based in the sexual proclivities of humankind.

(We all know that sex sells and is rampant in entertainment venues.)

But how is it that, when it comes to UFOs and their alleged extraterrestrial controllers, there is and has been no blatant outbursts of that procreative urge?

(I won’t dignify the idea that UFO abduction/experiencer reports are examples of this sexual urge. Aductees/experiencers are suffering from “abreaction” as noted in a post preceding this one, and for me that’s the end of the matter when it comes to alleged UFO kidnappings or abductions.)

My point here is that if God (the super entity) hosted a computer simulation, why hasn’t that entity suffused UFO ETs with the same urges (instincts?) that It has impregnated (no pun) in all the living species on Earth?

It doesn’t make computational sense.



  • Could it be, that "SOME" bipedal ETs "are not born" but manufactured, or if you will, created!? Robotic, in one sense, or robotic "living" entities!? A "living" machine, in other words. A "Cyborg" -see- "Cybernetics"..

    SEX:..Well, there you go, "survival of the fittest" Agree with this, absolutely!

    What gets to me though, is the thought: most life, not all,..KILLS LIFE, to survive, & then creates more life, to repeat it.In some cases,the animals eat another, while its "still alive" struggling to escape, which I find repugnant.Think of the Shark, for one.

    SEX, should not, be a sensitive word, as it can be for some. We are all here because of it,and jokingly, the food chain needs it, no sex,no food...............

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Sunday, November 06, 2016  

  • My long-expressed views here that UFOs and/or their pilots/passengers may be Von Neumann AI probes might explain the non-sexual behavior.

    But the posting, above, was a sop to those who think ETs are living beings.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, November 06, 2016  

  • I find it rather interesting that the early Star Trek series pioneered many things on television -- including the first television inter-racial kissing, among other things. And it wasn't exactly filled with frumpy scientist women.

    ``...a sop to those who think ETs are living beings.''

    I am either fool enough or wise enough to recognize that category to be a tricky one from start to finish. Simple 'fire' can qualify as being alive under some of the more crude definitions. Which might make even a nuclear beast like our Sun into some kind of completely unrelatable super-consciousness. Yet even our own Sun would be like a mere nematode by comparison to something like UY Scuti which has a radius that is 1708 times as large as our Sun's.

    Can an archetype be considered 'alive'? Certainly William James spoke of 'living' and 'dead' options. So I would think that archetypes might also be of the living (still survives through instantiation) and non-living (no longer instantiated in our world) types.

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Monday, November 07, 2016  

  • On a similar line, Rich...if aliens have been visiting Earth en masse since at least 1947...shouldn't they have built up huge bases, even cities, with shelters, stores, repair stations, supply routes, etc? After all, soldiers in modern wars are dwarfed by the vast support staff, plus equipment and supplies.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Monday, November 07, 2016  

  • I bet, Terry, that ETers would say aliens are housed and supplied via motherships or bases on the far side of the moon.

    Of course, if they are AI probes, they wouldn't need supplies or shelters, fixing themselves if necessary by minerals and chemicals found on nearby planets or asteroids.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 07, 2016  

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