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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Socorro Symbol(s)

Thomas Szasz, the eminent foe of psychiatric nonsense in his revelatory book, Schizophrenia: The Sacred Symbol of Psychiatry [Syracuse University Press, 1976, 1988], in the Preface to the First Edition wrote this:

“Every Group or organization whose members are held together by shared ideas and ideals has its distinguishing symbols …

"Persons, both as individuals and as group members, experience … symbols … as their most treasured possessions which they must zealously protect …” [Page xv]

(I’ll be dealing with schizophrenia in another context upcoming, as a rebuttal to skeptics who insist that UFOs do not exist and have never existed.)

My pal Kevin Randle, (in trying to get at the facts of the 1964 Socorro event, in which Police Officer Lonnie Zamora reported he saw a strange egg-shaped object on the ground and then in the air, an object that had a symbol or insignia on it) is struggling to hold readers to his blog and David Rudiak to the essential details of the sighting as they exist.

But Mr. Rudiak and a few others keep throwing red-herrings into the mix and Kevin has tried, valiantly, to keep the discourse on track and true to what is known, for certain.

Mr. Rudiak has slimed a previous discussion about that insignia by encouraging readers to adhere to the reporting malfeasances of Ray Stanford, who wrote a book about the sighting, in which he, Stanford, muddied the waters, about the symbol, to such an extent that no one has any idea what symbol (or insignia) was seen and drawn by Office Zamora.

But as Dr. Szasz noted, that symbol is a “sacred” and “distinguished” element for those who allegedly provided the egg-shaped craft that Officer Zamora was privy to, for a short while.

Mr. Rudiak and a few others declaim that the thing seen by Officer Zamora was an extraterrestrial craft, a ship piloted by “aliens” from outer space.

You know my view: aliens coming to Earth in egg-shaped crafts (or any other kind of craft) is a far-fetchery of great kind but, moreover, if an alien species did show up here, on Earth, it’s highly unlikely that such “beings” would have imprinted a symbol (or insignia) on its vehicle, a symbol with all the hallmarks of insigniae used by Earthian militaries (or businesses) on their vehicles (or products).

Symbols derive from an evolutionary writing process, as I attempted to show in a recent posting here.

That Socorro symbol, whichever one is true, has never been seen on another craft, one of ours or one of theirs.

It is a unique, one-time symbol, displayed for a purpose, but not an “alien” purpose, as extraterrestrial entities, and the supposed advanced civilization from which they originate, would never have any symbol similar to anything created by the mind of Earth’s human beings.

The Socorro symbol has become a tiresome ufological topic, but only because persons like David Rudiak have compounded the topic by adding extraneous material to the discussion, making any debate about the insignia a drudge.

But, again, that Socorro symbol (as Dr, Szasz indicated) is the key to the Lonnie Zamora sighting. It’s the “smoking gun” and to dismiss it, because it has been besmirched by UFO buffs who are immersed, compulsively, to the UFO ET hypothesis, is wrong-headed, in the extreme.



  • Yeah,

    I must admit that this Socorro symbol stuff makes my head hurt -- I mean I´ve been reading about this for some time. But it´s great it´s not forgotten. There is something interesting here.
    But thanks for mentioning Thomas Szasz, I started to feel guilty for not reading him and placed a couple of his books for my wish list.
    A second thought that just hit me when you wrote "But as Dr. Szasz noted, that symbol is a “sacred” and “distinguished” element --". I know this goes a bit more weird than usual (whatever that is) and probably doesn´t interest you, but I just started thinking about Magical sigils , doesn´t that Socorro symbol look like one of those? But what that could mean?
    I´ll take a deep breath now...


    By Blogger Jerry Cornelius, at Saturday, November 19, 2016  

  • Magical sigils? Interesting....

    The Roswell symbol has become a kind of Rorschach inkblot.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, November 19, 2016  

  • Rich,

    Thanks if it´s interesting. I must add that what I was thinking about were those Austin Osmar Spare kind of sigils. I mean, doesn´t that Socorro symbol just look like it´s been made of different letters (umm, you´ve gotta read that Wikipedia page if you don´t understand)? I know something about (very little) chaos magic but I feel it´s rather often been postulated that´s there´s a link between UFOs and magic and paranormal, I mean that both kind of reflect something about the "true" structure of reality...or something.


    By Blogger Jerry Cornelius, at Saturday, November 19, 2016  

  • I'm convinced. Jerry, that the Socorro symbol is a man-made logo or military insignia, a CIA insignia (from Raven Industries).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, November 19, 2016  

  • I agree completely with your assessment of Thomas Szasz. Besides a myth-buster in his own professional field, he was a solid libertarian whom I had the pleasure of speaking with at several conferences. Straight up guy.

    Now on the matter of that damn symbol my feelings are: Forget it; the history is too muddied to ever be cleaned up; no definitive answers are possible at this late date. On the other hand, the sighting itself is still sufficiently interesting without any symbol discussion: 2 small human(oids) outside an egg shaped flying machine that rose with a roar, flew away silently (into the wind) and left impressions (footprints) in the ground. Never seen before or since to my knowledge. If it was earth-based (and it probably was)there are some pretty interesting and hard to explain things going on there.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Saturday, November 19, 2016  

  • What irritates me, Dom, is that Rudiak et al. keep touting Ray Stanford as the Socorro expert when he is the guy who mucked up the event with his cavalier (amateur, inept) "reportage."

    And Kevin trying to recapture the facts is slugged by Rudiak-spewing nonsense, with his back-up being Stanford and a few nuts who want the sighting to be an ET foray.

    That symbol is "the dog that didn't bark in the night."


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, November 19, 2016  

  • You can let your breath out now,Jerry, you hold the record:)..but you might like to quantify this.. with comments I've heard, about "UFO technology" being like: Freaking magic, their words, not mine, if this is of any interest!?..When its said, UFO just disappears,in front of your very eyes, or the speed, in the blink of an eye, THAT,for some, must be like magic:) Unbelievable wouldn't you think? but this is some of the reports we're hearing & reading, believe it or not. Best not to believe or disbelieve, just consider..The earth was believed to be flat once, now we know its round, and unbelievably,some still think the earth is flat,while on their sell-phones via satellite orbiting the earth.If the earth was nothing else, but flat, what happens when you arrive at the edge? Go back on the other side?:) I give up................:)?

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Saturday, November 19, 2016  

  • Hey Daniel,

    You made a good point (although I don´t think ETH is the best explanation), actually the classic Arthur C. Clarke one, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". But maybe there´s a point when so-called science and so-called magic they come together? Like, some hundred years ago electrical phenomena were just magic but today it´s science.
    "Best not to believe or disbelieve, just consider." I think that´s what I´m trying to do. To keep my eyes and ears open but not too open, thinking. I just think we have to accept that (our) weird experiences have many different explanations and not get too stuck on one. UFO (a light in the sky) may be an alien ship or an aeroplane or a meteorite or a halo... or a sphagetti monster or whatever.

    OK, now I can breathe again, great, my face was kind of turning blue.. : )


    By Blogger Jerry Cornelius, at Sunday, November 20, 2016  

  • Jerry...

    You do get wound up sometimes.

    (I think it's the holiday season...in part.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, November 20, 2016  

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