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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Time Travel ... incomprehensible?

This is a photo of a review by author John Lanchester in The New York Review of Books for November 24th, 2016 about a new book by James Gleick, Time Travel: A History [Pantheon].

The photo shows that I'm addicted to highlighting material I read, accenting, with heavy highlighting, parts that seem extra important to me/ (As you can see, I think almost everything a reviewer/author writes is worth highlighting.)

I've imported the photo in its pixel size so that you can read he piece itself, if you like.

In it, reviewer Lanchester is as stumped as we all are when it comes to Space-Time and the idea of Time Travel:

"I've come to the conclusion that my difficulties are not so much with the book as with the subject itself." [NYRB, Page 31]

I'm reading Time Reborn by Lee Smolin [Mariner Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Boston] which I'll address upcoming, as to how time and time travel can or cannot be used to explain UFOs from our future.



  • Incomprehensible? Yeah! You & me both.

    Theoretically,if a time-traveler, was to jump into the past,and prevent his father from ever having meet his mother, he immediately, would cease to exist,to have ever been able to do this, in the first place. .."A Paradox" Right?..

    To make this even, more complicated, it was suggested, I've heard, that he might NOT, CEASE TO EXIST,and that instead, would have changed his own time-line, to a "branch off. in time" allowing him to exist,and to have preformed.

    For myself, this is still "A Paradox" Which time-line, would he return on, back to his present point of time,in the future, from whence he came??..

    As for UFO traveling through time, if its at all possible? and THAT, would only make it a time-machines,..I can only think, that its a technology that's incomprehensible for us at the moment, and there's more to understand, as time will tell..............

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Tuesday, November 08, 2016  

  • The review article provides, ostensibly, a few solutions to the "grandfather paradox, all of them inscrutable also.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, November 08, 2016  

  • In addition to time travel:

    We can hear & see the past, as the future, will see & hear our present point in time, but the "future" can only be a prediction! We all know this.

    When we view heavenly bodies in space,we are "looking back,light years" in time & distance
    This might mean space-time, in light-years? I think so.

    To travel this distance in light-years,even at the speed of light or greater, is far too slow & hazardous..[One speck of dust or larger, and it's all over!].. So we can rule out space travel,with rocket power,of the kind. The distance to travel in space, is ENORMOUS!
    So what would be more desirable,for this ENORMOUS trip through space?

    A huge mother-ship? to live a normal life, like here on earth, not knowing what might be ahead, in our voyage through space. How would this craft be powered, with FREE ENERGY?

    Then there is the issue of food & water, for what ever numbers, are on board the craft, for tree meals a day, 365 days of earth years, per year! for what ever number of years it takes,there and back,one might assume. A colossal undertaking in a voyage through space & time,just to explore the distance in curiosity, for mankind.

    Now, what if, and its only hypothetical, we reverse this hypothesis and say, the extraterrestrials have found us, before we found them, "given" that they are thousand, if not millions of years ahead of us, maybe even in time-travel!? And just maybe, the sightings that are viewed, are "AIs" in nature,that may come from a mother ship,rather than from deep space, and the "AIs" are just as we would send, on another planet, and are!

    I know it's a stretch of imagination, but what else have we got, but to hypothesize a possibility,when there are no ready answers,to what has been seen, or stories told, by many, that might make any kind of sense, in all the time that's gone by...................

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Wednesday, November 09, 2016  

  • Even if you could time travel (which you can't) everyone forgets you would also need to travel distance as well because as the above post alludes to we are travelling through space on earth. So if you just went back in time 10 years you would most likely step into the void of space because the earth would still be 10 years away from reaching that spot. Time travel is just not possible though as its just a concept we use to explain how every object moves retaliative to each other (yep that's relativity). Makes for some nice stories though.

    By Blogger Tim Keating, at Thursday, November 17, 2016  

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