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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Two things from my Facebook news feed


  • Some don't want to be unplugged from their reality,and if they did,could they "prove" any of the controlling lies over us, with seven billion plus, pulling the other-way!?

    Get a life, they say, so we go to work, make our money,give it to another, to the value of in return, kept in debt,this keeps us employed, with the rising cost of living, all for which makes a life. Ha! THAT, we're all accustomed to. In affect, its called:

    "Payed slavery or employment" We can't all be the Boss,someones got to do the work! There is no alternative,either you work, and have a life, or you live in a car or on the street, or both..Whats the point in all of this? The point being, how can seven billion plus,change
    the matrix, of this way of life, for a more lucrative system for ALL!?

    PS. I don't live in a car, but I am comfortable:)////////..............

    By Blogger Daniel Yang-Clark, at Sunday, November 27, 2016  

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