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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Albert Rosales 'Humanoid Encounters" series

I grabbed three more of Albert Rosales' compendium of humanoid encounters (usually from a "flying saucer or UFO incident).

Added to my 2000-2009 book are his 1930-1949, 1950-1954, 2010-2015 collections (above).

I have the rest of his series on my Amazon Wish List.

I sent Albert a Facebook message telling him of my affection for his books; he send back a thumbs-up emoji.

The collection of encounter "tales" are fascinating, There are hundreds and hundreds of such stories that Albert has collected, from various sources, most credible, many unknown, and some iffy.

What he's cataloged may be a slew of hallucinatory episodes but the odds are against all of the incidents being neurologically or psychologically induced.

The "reports" mimic the elves and fairy encounters of earlier times, and may be a modernized "update" of such fantastic rapprochements, but that seems unlikely to me.

And you know my thinking on "invaders [ETs] from space. So, I'm ruling that out.

But what do we have, with all these 'brushes" with humanoid creatures?

It's a phenomenological  puzzle, worthy of study and investigation, and Albert has provided the data.



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