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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Anomalist provided link to interview you should read

William Donald "Bill" Hamilton, FRS was an English evolutionary biologist, widely recognised as one of the most significant evolutionary theorists of the 20th century. [Wikipedia]


The speculations of Professor Hamilton are vibrant and imaginative.

I'd disagree with his premise that ETs set up Earth as an evolutionary entertainment, my disagreement centered, as you know, with the idea that Earth was or is sought out by extraterrestrials at all, when there are other venues (many, as cosmologists tell us) throughout the galaxy and certainly the Universe.

Why the pathetic Earth (among planets: size, location, and significance as a culture)?

Nonetheless, a terrific interview and conjectures by the professor.



  • Interesting speculations. But I thought the author, Wright, was a bit shallow in his opinionating. He seemed a little too caught up in the idea of directed evolution, a bit too puzzled by the criticisms of such reasonings. He came off as an enthusiast who lacked a critical grasp of the issue.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Thursday, December 15, 2016  

  • Very interesting, yes (but a bit improbable, I feel). On the other hand...I´ve often speculated that maybe we really are controlled by aliens so that even the universe we observe is nothing but an artifact created by them? Like a cosmic virtual reality or something. OK, sorry, I´m exaggerating but still. These kind of thoughts keep you awake in the middle of the (Finnish) winter night.
    And isn´t this the reason we´d like to find extraterretrial life, to get an idea how probable or improbable intelligent life in the universe is?


    By Blogger Jerry Cornelius, at Thursday, December 15, 2016  

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